Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is my true story for the day:

I watched a movie last night and it impacted my life. This picture above is a hint. I don't want to give all the details for that will make this post less fun. I'm not a big movie person but my sweet love from Denver sent her best advice to me through a movie. So I went to Movie Gallery, purchased a rental, snuggled up with Diggy... I mean, Ziggy, and changed a thought process in my life totally after it was over. And of course the ending to that detailed process included brushing my teeth, saying my prayers, and sweet dreams.
Now I am off to Luverne to love on three little Michigan Munchkins!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Excuse me, Let's talk hair.

I am going to trim Jay-Lee and Heather's hair later on this afternoon. It makes me giddy. (Yes, I know that giddy is an old people word. I have been informed of that at some point in the last year of my life.) I don't start cosmetology classes back until the 11th. I've got myself a nice little break. But at the same time, it's wonderful that I have brave friends to let me chop, chop! =)

If you were to ever ask me (at any age in my life) who my most admired person is my answer would be:

"Mama B", my great grandmother. She is the light of my life. If I could have those weekly visits back, I'd make them daily. If I could hear the (sometimes brutal) blunt truth one more time, I'd listen more closely. If I had another opportunity to paint her nails, I'd have a nail salon open just for her. Ironically, Mama B had her own hair salon for pretty much her whole life. I hope some day I will make her proud. I feel like this calling for me might have came a little later than some others would have preferred. As for me, I'm glad it came right when it did. I am the child that is situated slightly outside of society and indeed, that's all with a smile. Time can be your best friend as it can also be your enemy. The road to success can be a beautiful journey, rather than a train wreck, if you allow it to be. I took a trip around the world and back... and I'm still not through exploring. I've enjoyed the rocky road as I consider the bumps, that others might find life threatening, just a small concussion with a quick recovery!

ANY way. I got a little somethin' somethin' for Christmas this year. That something was VERY very VERY very VERY (okay, you get the point) special to me! My grandmother "Memo" gave me everything she had left of Mama B's hair supplies. Several stainless steel combs, which by the way they just don't make them like that anymore... Gaaah, The things I would do to change my generation! haha =) And also a pair of her thinning shears. I immediately cried when I opened the gift, without asking a question. I'm an emotional nutcase anyway but throwing that one on my unexpected really got me. I think I want to have them framed in a shadow box. And in hopes to open my own salon one day down the road, that would be my masterpiece. I miss her. Okay, enough on that I'm starting to get saddy-poo.

One more hair thing and then I am out-of-this-place... for now!

I want these vintage hair pins, that's all!

excitement overload.

Knowing that I get to see this family TOMORROW makes me smile - Big Time!
If only they could stay - Forever.
So, my wish today is that tomorrow stays forever Wednesday. I dread a good-bye. Especially when you know it's coming before it's even time to say those words. Have a great Tuesday.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jesus had another birthday!

....And my family celebrated! Christmas is such a specail time. I can't get enough of it each year. Can I just leave my Christmas decor up all year, eat the type food (and amount) that we eat during the holidays, give presents to loved ones, and dress my dogs up in precious seasonal attire for a entire year!? I think I would be satisfied with that. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Figuring out the New Years festivities is next. Year before last I was in Colorado skiing. I took "Sally" (that would be my first car... Sally the Solara) all the way with me on a sucessful road trip. We made it to and through the mountains and back. I can't believe she got traded in. Sally made many good impressions on the rough ride I constantly had her on. I believe that girl... I mean car... could have conquered the world! Last New Year I was in Atlanta, Georgia visting friends and that celebration wasn't too shabby either. If I remember correctly I have several videos to prove our bundle of fun. I was fighting some kind of intense flu-like symptoms but remained full force the entire time. Well, until the ride home. I made it a long (!!!!) drive for someone with my complaining the ENTIRE way. Maybe this year none of that sickness mess will visit my body and I can ring in twenty-ten with some kind of fancy fun. All I ask for this year is confetti... and lots of it! For anyone who is unaware-

CONFETTI is my favorite word in the whole wide world. I even made up a super rad song about it on my 21st birthday. If I am ever down in the dumps, which is something I try to keep at the minimun, all you have to do is think confetti. Cover me in it!!!! Throw it everywhere. It makes me the happiest girl on planet earth. And it did the same thing on Jupiter and Pluto when I visited there! Picture yourself covered or if you are o.c.d. picture someone else's place covered with it all in the air.... does it make you smile like it does me?

I'm going to get ready for a night out with friends.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Give Peace A Chance

Twenty-nine years ago (On December 8th to be exact) a little slice of peace was taken away from this world. John Lennon was murdered. In the song "imagine", he has such an important message of love and peace. I hope that you can experience it this Christmas. I can only wish that someday soon his message of peace becomes reality.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Award Winning cook goes to.....


If I could cook HALF as good as this man I would be one satisfied lady. Not to mention he has a heart of gold.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Like a breath of fresh air....

Happy day of birth to this magazine.... I mean, blog. I suppose I'll aim to post things that will inspire somebody (that is including myself) in some way, perhaps.
It's Christmas time so I thought I'd share a few things that fancy me during the holiday season....
SNOW! I miss living in Breckenridge. Talk about a winter wonderland....

Christmas trees way bigger than humans:

The annual "photo shoot" for the family Christmas cards: (that includes the disagreements the sis and I have with trying to make a final decision.)

Three little blessings that visit from Michigan: (can't wait)

Dressing up:

YAY, for December!
Merry Christmas!