Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I drank way too little water today. and way too much diet dr pepper.
and above is my good tune tuesday.

shhhh.... now i  need a good four days of shut eye to catch up on sleep.

im falling asleep tying this so im considering it your bedtime story. so boring and true and probably means nothing to you. lets hope tomorrow calls for lots of energy and upbeat surroundings.


Monday, November 29, 2010

scenes from thanksgiving day.

john mayer said:
"you guys ready to go for awhile tonight?"
  at the beginning of his concert that was recorded live for his
"any given thursday" dvd.
(way back in the day.... september 12th two thousand and two, to be exact.)

did i mention i was obsessed with him and i am on the dvd several different times?
well, both = true. 

my oh my have ole' john and i changed drastically over the last eight years.
(especially appearance) 

i got a new tee.vee. yesterday
and along with that came some inspiration to organize all my dvds.
welp, i found the "any given thursday" dvd and had to watch it. had to.
ziggy has yet to get the opportunity to see me on it
and she was having a fit to watch it with me.

and watching this dvd has brought me to this:
oh, memories. (something i am thankful for. good or bad)
i think there are two types of memories:
1- tornado like memories
2- sunshine memories

tornado memories teach you valuable lessons.
sunshine memories....the type you wish happened all the time. and nothing but sunshine memories.
(impossible) you are faced with storms for a reason. 
look back on your past and (for a change) be thankful for the tornadoes you have dealt with. pat yourself on the back for what lesson/lessons you learned from the storms. i think it makes the storms much more pleasant knowing that you learned something from it. 

they say you learn something new every day and i believe i learn more than one thing new a day. often something about myself. and more often about someone else. i enjoy learning. it gives me a sense of picking myself up off the ground on one of my clumsy days. 
don't try erasing your tornado memories.
(that means NO MORE "don't remind me" coming out of your mouth.)
honestly- it's good to be reminded. however it may be.
learn.something.from.those.suckers that caused the storm. 

and with the sunshine memories - 
frame every single one of them.  
because any memory you have thats like a bright sunny day is totally worth it.

now- scoot back to the topic i started this post with.
(play the song "why georgia why" right this instant)

ask yourself if you are living it right every single day.
it is a question that needs to be answered.
it's okay to have doubt. and fear. and 1,248 unanswered questions about your life. remember- you learn something new every day so be patient and some uncertainty will be answered. a stormy day might cause bad hair but it should only make you bring out the bright colors in your wardrobe (so bright and mis-matchy that bad hair and heartache is forgotten about)
and live a life that is like a bundle of bright sunshine. 


plus.... everybody looks better with sun-kissed-skin.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today called for a celebration...
To the most kind hearted man,
the best cook in the world,
the strongest man I know,
my hero,
a true inspiration,
an excellent father,
owner of the most precious smile (including dimples),

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
I love you to the moon and back.
Thanks for being the wonderful father that you are.

God forbid love ever leave you empty-handed.

But if it does,
May it leave you patient and stronger,
Willing and wiser,
Tender and tougher.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is true:
I want lots and lots of garland this Christmas.
Some made of pom poms and some made of cupcake liners.

This is also true:
I'm going to make that happen.

I'm thankful for you.
Have a wonderful Turkey Day.

I will more than likely be successful at stuffing my face with food.... for the next four days.
And then the decision to stop will be made and I will then hopefully kiss my "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" sign hanging on my wall and find a nearby gym to move into. Surely rent at those places can't be to high. So until then, just in case the turkey dance takes place as soon as I walk away from this computer desk.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my wino tree has a personal touch. 
but here is a visual.... (because i know someone out there wanted/needed one)
don't judge me  when i share pictures of my wino tree and you see that it is.....
oh, the gallon size wine bottle.


good tune tuesday.
(look up-it's above you today)
and i'm not sure why it will not do it any differently. but no worries. i like looking up. especially for a good tune. for that - here is two.  
happy gtt! 
crank it up a little louder than normal.
please (for me) and thank you (from me)

Let's talk Willow House + random....

i had my first party last night at mary's house and it went grrrreat. 
and to those of you who came (or placed a web order) thank you so very much!
mary was excited about the rewards she got for hosting the party
and i was pumped about the whole she-bang. off to a fun start.
the item i sold the most of:
decorative card and photo display.

the a la carte sangria is:
yummy. and i wasn't the only one who said so.

just a little tid-bit i thought i'd share with the stalkers. 
say a prayer for david (right now). he has a doctors appointment shortly about his neck/back. thanks.
Cheers    < that site deserves it. thanks alot, david. now you see where i visit daily (because it changes... daily) and have temptations to spend all my moo-lah.
  i put up a "wino christmas tree" every year.   
(psssst-so do several other people in my family... i'm not alone. i know a sister, a mama, an aunt and a grandmother for sure that have one. so at least four + me)
(and even left it up year round when i lived in florida..... which was weird because i drank 1,242 blue moons too many and not enough wine. but still showed off the ole' wino christmas tree regardless of the time of the year)
   Woah, Nelly.... getting off track is so easy for me.
backtothepoint.... i will have a wino christmas tree (or two) up before dark tonight. 
and possibly more ho ho ho decor than that. 
i really cant wait any longer. i've done good holding out this long. 

Chelsea and I are making christmas stockings (can't touch that na-na-na-na)  
 and last night we had six-ish to complete. 
talk about being in the chrsitmas mood? 
i kinda' felt like an elf, honestly. which wasn't a bad thing i don't guess.

that is all for now, punkins.
have a great tuesday.
(your goodtunetuesday is coming) 


tied together by stuff too difficult to explain to someone new.
-the story people


Friday, November 19, 2010

ryan adams

Ahh, I feel better already.
back to business.

"the good things in life are wild and free"


Live- All Over You

Nirvana - Polly

Candlebox-Far Behind

(for me) today is a day for music.
well....every day for me is all music.
but i am going to make a suggestion....
you need to go right this second and get a blank cd and copy-cat me and put these songs im going to post on here throughout the day on a cd for yourself.
you deserve it.

it will make your weekend that much better. 
cross my heart.


The Wood Brothers

The Avett Brothers - Shame

happy friday to everysingleoneofyou.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a gift i brought home to the mom and pop while living in colorado.

they make me want to do a gobble gobble turkey dance while eating a honey baked ham.
that is all.

chalk talk.

You are such a sweet (and extremely well-behaved) brown dog. I am embarrassed to say that I am too lazy to get out of my comfy bed (where the lap top is sitting in... get this, my lap) and go to the desktop computer to snag a picture to share of the birthday girl. Casey is the presh chocolate lab that belongs to the "H" household.  It is now on my to-do list to share some puppy love as my crooked teeth pooch has been stealing the spotlight lately.

 READ: this post was actually done last night but apparently didn't show up... as I am well awake and getting things done at this point in my day and not still laying in the bed as it says above. save that "pat on the back" for a day that i'm pulling my hair out and need major encouragement.

"I never knew you
But then who really did
If you were at all like me
You managed to keep yourself hid" 

 -warren haynes
getting all the christmas decor out and in place.
until the day of thanksgiving i promise to try my hardest to keep the fall arrangements displayed...

but you better believe it is......
TIME TO SHOP!   regardless of how many gourds, pumpkins and corn cobs surround me they are not stopping me from getting on the ball with my Christmas shopping!

If you are ready to check some gifts off of your list get started here.


Monday, November 15, 2010

i freakin' needed this song (at this very moment)
happy late night, crazy pants.... 
this is not your bedtime story. just something to jam to.
kindness is always an option.

this is two friends celebrating.

Have you ever had an overwhelming advantage thrown your way (hitting you right smack in the face) and you decided against it? Mmm hmmm....
what (honestly) held you back?
what stopped you.
was your "pause for the cause" really worth it?

COMFORT ZONES... why do you do the things you do? 
you keep people from being truly passionate about what their days consist of. 
shame on you, comfort zones.

So I am here (hello) to share a little story.
i love having the opportunity of living the unusual life. i would be lying if i said i didn't need the feeling of comfort, to some degree. but stopping when my journey is far from through... who me? yes.... i recently stopped my life (for a hot minute) in a comfort zone. enjoyable, of course. majority of the experience gave me such a relaxed feeling. but over-excited? not so much....
turning the page.... to an urge of excitement rushing through my entire body. i believe in these type feelings. i know they are out there (in this crazy world) and i am the only person who can make it happen. not because i have a super power. simply because i want it.

today (officially) i decided to get back enrolled in school and finish up with a marketing degree. i will save my story about cosmetology school and the reasons i chose not to make that my career for another day. (p.s. it makes me giggle, kind of) I am choosing (again, because i want it) to live a life of excitement. a life that sweeps me off my feet and that just wasn't it.

file under "note to self": 
i will accomplish something (big or small) each day that is a step closer to my (huge) dreams.  i will never settle for something because it is (only) comfortable.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

When I am shopping online for clothes I always click the "dresses" section first....
Well....This made me excited. Very, very excited.
Messes of Dresses

Oh I die. And it even has a vintage section.
Consider me taken because I will now devote my time and love to this site.

something to pout about....
the sister and i don't wear the same size shoes. 
not even close enough to "make do".

q. you know what that means?
a. when she gets a new cute pair of shoes and texts me a picture of them i get jealous.

boo.hoo. i am crying a river and i think that is ok over shoes.
I believe if you place yourself in an atmosphere with comfort and true happiness it is possible to find excitement in staying in on a Friday and Saturday night.... Looking back at my past I would sometimes be horrified of the thought of staying in on a Friday night. (or a Thursday....or Wednesday) This weekend consisted mainly of staying put in one location... i witnessed (and helped some, too) a whole bunch of yard work take place....grilling for lunch and picking up to-go japanese for dinner....staying right where I was to watch the Tigers play on the big screen.... sleeping in and it was all nice. It felt good. There was a trip to Sears and World Market made on Saturday night but the reason behind that outing was claimed (not by me)to be- all the "crazies" would be busy watching a certain football game.
[ Truth? That city was in fact deserted on Saturday night. ] You know I am a (huge) fan of World Market.... ah, everything! I never leave without [at least] a couple bottles of wine. Double Check that one off the list.... as for Sears.... I was just there for suggestions. And I do believe I did a good job for two purchases were made. We then scooted back to the house where the lazy-ness continued!

Was your weekend wild and crazy or calm and collect?

And note to all who know I am a huge TROY fan:
I did keep up with the game via text. I wasn't cheating on the Trojans with the Tigers.
I just did not feel like going to the game for some crazy lazy monster took all my energy to be out and about in the crowd this weekend. But I loved it real hard just the way it was.

And...Right this very moment....
I am about to treat myself to a bubble bath.... the whole nine yards, candles and all....
and then of course.... It's SUNDAY.... you know I'm watching E!
All cuddled up in the most comfortable bed ever....

"Being in a couple is hard. And committing, making sacrifices, it’s hard. But if it’s the right person, then it’s easy. Looking at that girl and knowing she’s all you really want out of life, that should be the easiest thing in the world. And if it’s not like that, then she’s not the one. I’m sorry." 
— Marshall Eriksen, How I Met Your Mother

scenes from a confetti craze.
i.d. required.

clean up crew comes day after tomorrow.


this is a salute.

from me to you.
(bowling at it's finest)


this is a cherished memory.



i love her casual look.


smile sunday.

"some kind of anxiety
has gotten hold of my heart
and i just wanna run home
when i feel it start
plastic bottles of water
sealed windows, forced air
gazillions of cell phones
beaming through my hair."


Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am a consultant for Willow House and would love for you to go....

Check out my website to see all of the beautiful products Willow House has to offer.

If you are interested in hosting a party please let me know.
Christmas time is right around the corner!



This is Ziggy playing dress up. 
She secretly wants to be Sandy.


Totally Normal.

This is how Ziggy eats her grits. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm off....

to work. (after i stop by our little p.o. box to pick up an unknown package. i have a slip - something that excites me to the max)
Zippidy doo da!
See ya on the flip side. (if you are lucky.)


my little one....

has a grill like no other. and she lurves to show it off.... in hopes that she brightens someones day. happy wednesday afternoon, nuggets.


Hola, Hump Day.

I'm up facing this beautiful day with a smirky little smile.
While watching The View this morning I find that one of the host looks like one of my best friends.....
So here, Elisabeth Hasselbeck....
take this compliment....

You look like my Kellen.... a lot. 

This is something I have thought before now but for some reason (maybe it's the necklace Elisabeth is wearing this morning) this particular day is the time I feel it is appropriate to announce this..... I feel like I am watching Kellen on The View. (especially when I click the mute button and watch)


fridge art.


cold toes.

this is me.
right before i went into the "b mode" where most of what came out of my mouth was unpleasant due to frozen toes. so cold as to where i couldn't walk.

reminding me of the time i learned a lesson the hard (very painful) way....
while living in breckenridge, colorado i was known as "alabama", "bama" and "apple pie".... well everyone took where i was from in consideration when i was on the mountain.... i was a slow skier compared to most others and i didn't know that is was a no-no to layer socks. my toes always gave me the hardest time. they would get so cold that i would have to take a beer break to pout about how the temp has turned the snow into needles because that is what it felt like i was walking on. finally a guy asked me how many pair of socks i had on.... explaining to me that by me layering (we won't call me out on the number) several pairs of socks only cuts off my circulation. which explained why this was a regular problem. my circulation was cut off and i was the one left behind ordering cold ones on a pretty day on the mountain.... even though they flirted their words around how cute it was that i was a "slow-poke-skier" (compared to all the other locals) i know it was secretly a relief to them when my feet did this because they could actually get the real business on the "fresh powder" done without worrying about me.  though, they never once admitted it. i miss that place but i do not miss the days before i learned the valuable lesson of only wearing one good pair of socks.


ooooh, because.

a song for my love.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"aww moment"

I watched the 3d ultra sound (on DVD) of Baby Bryan's the other night and....wow.... I found it giving me chills. (multiplying chills) Kayla and Kyle already get the "parents of the year" award just for being such excited and precious parents to be.

I can't wait for JACK to arrive.


Ryan Adams - Wonderwall

good tune tuesday.



friday - i cut a cutie pie's hair.
saturday - i froze my booty off at the yard sale.
sunday - watched church on tv and slept the late afternoon away.


Friday, November 5, 2010

scenes from the dirty water.

"i swim, but i wish i never learned.... the waters too polluted with germs"


yo, yo, yo.

apparently, i wished everyone a happy hump day..... 
on a thursday!
and not a single person decided it would be nice to tell me that i was all mixed up with my days.
geez, people!!!!

oh well.... this i know for sure - today IS friday! 
so for all of the confusion yesterday (with no correction) i feel its the perfect time for a....  
happy dance. 
oh. yes.

happy friday, yall!


Thursday, November 4, 2010


"....and so they set sail for the land of Possibility where anything could happen, and often did."



happy hump day, friends.
i hope it's rad.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

all you need is love.

and a tall ladder.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

breakfast in bed....

because the sister deserves it!
huge props to miss marley kay for studying so hard (and for so long) last night. (we had a slumber party in case you nuggets were curious) i got my bottom up bright and early to fix her breakfast. (the most horrifying unhealthy breakfast, might i add) i imagined it as being a reward such as a little hole in the wall diner in florida. you know you are about to get a mean meal whipped up when everything is mixy-matchy in those places.... from the coffee cups to the plates, to the silverware and bowls. 

so i went for the ever-so-mix-n-match way possible:
red vintage trey with yellow-ish gold flowers 
blue and white striped (cocktail) napkin
purple salad plate
an orange cup
a deserving treat for the sis.
calories and all.



Monday, November 1, 2010


My Uncle was the football coach at Meigs Middle School for 26 years and planned on retiring next June. Uncle Paul was diagnosed with cancer last March and on May 1st he passed away at the age of sixty-one.
Aunt Harriett and Uncle Paul were married for 38 years filled with love. And faith. 

It seems like each year on November 1st I find myself skipping straight on over to Thanksgiving and Christmas....
the holidays.
family gatherings.

I pray for strength as our entire family grieves over the loss of such a wonderful man during the upcoming holidays. My heart hurts. But even more.... my heart hurts for my Aunt Harriett. She knows no other way of life other than to be with Uncle Paul.

Sometimes, it's the little reminders that you are thought about and loved that get you through your day. 



Shoe Fetish.

Once upon a time i loved these shoes.

They now belong to the one and only - ZIGGY! (little miss, little miss, can't be wrong)

You see, when Ziggy was just a new addition to my life she had some devil/some angel in her bones 
She now is my life. 

The some devil explains the ruining of the lovely charcoal color heels (ruffles included) I once pranced around in. Sad story, I know. But can I resist the bundle of cuteness and whoop her little tail for it? No. She was abused in her first life. I can barely bring myself to scold her. And for that, this is the price I pay. Who has this same problem with their own child? Four legged or not....  I feel sure that I am not alone.



Hello, November....


Monday Funday.

Fall cleaning, I am here.
Will you please make the progress move along rapidly and help me feel extra good about this project?
I am going to tackle quite the list of things all at once.
And this is going to call for a bomb diggity YARD SALE!

Why bomb diggity? Oh piece of C-A-K-E! Because me and the sister are in charge and we have super cool belongings. That's why!

So if you have a temptation tapping you on the shoulder and would like to know more, feel free to ask. :)


Halloween Twenty Ten