Sunday, November 14, 2010

I believe if you place yourself in an atmosphere with comfort and true happiness it is possible to find excitement in staying in on a Friday and Saturday night.... Looking back at my past I would sometimes be horrified of the thought of staying in on a Friday night. (or a Thursday....or Wednesday) This weekend consisted mainly of staying put in one location... i witnessed (and helped some, too) a whole bunch of yard work take place....grilling for lunch and picking up to-go japanese for dinner....staying right where I was to watch the Tigers play on the big screen.... sleeping in and it was all nice. It felt good. There was a trip to Sears and World Market made on Saturday night but the reason behind that outing was claimed (not by me)to be- all the "crazies" would be busy watching a certain football game.
[ Truth? That city was in fact deserted on Saturday night. ] You know I am a (huge) fan of World Market.... ah, everything! I never leave without [at least] a couple bottles of wine. Double Check that one off the list.... as for Sears.... I was just there for suggestions. And I do believe I did a good job for two purchases were made. We then scooted back to the house where the lazy-ness continued!

Was your weekend wild and crazy or calm and collect?

And note to all who know I am a huge TROY fan:
I did keep up with the game via text. I wasn't cheating on the Trojans with the Tigers.
I just did not feel like going to the game for some crazy lazy monster took all my energy to be out and about in the crowd this weekend. But I loved it real hard just the way it was.

And...Right this very moment....
I am about to treat myself to a bubble bath.... the whole nine yards, candles and all....
and then of course.... It's SUNDAY.... you know I'm watching E!
All cuddled up in the most comfortable bed ever....


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