Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday night we had a all started with a "football season" like adult beverage and a few sticks to get things going. The night turned into morning before we knew it. Here in L.A. (lower Alabama, that is) we enjoy our several hours of FLAME... unlike those Hollywood homies... they search their whole life for 5 minutes of fame. It seems my lifestyle might be a bit more simple than the Cali kids....

We were successful on this hunt!

Ziggy asked if we could do this every night that wasn't a school night... yes, she attends cosmetology school with me. (literally... she is there every day I am)

"oh hott...I'm talking about you, david.. not the fire"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who would have thought that the two of us would have ended up living together in college, becoming best friends and appreciating our unique friendship? I would have! I mean come on, just look at us! Bangs, socks and all! We are having Chelsea a baby shower this afternoon. I've got to find something to wear.... and I promise to look into putting together a more appropriate outfit than this one!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want another night like this particular one soon, please maam'. The highlight was of course sharing the night with Ani DiFranco live. For the both of us, it was our first time ever we were in her presence. I feel strongly it will not be our last. The little things that completed the night were this after party where we greeted the coming and going, hungry and full, customers at a steak house somewhere between Athens and Atlanta. Oh what I would do to relive this exact moment... oh what I would give to remember what we were performing while this picture was taken. And oh what I would pay to drive around in cirlces (for an hour or more) in one small hotel parking lot with a song on repeat. Tiffany, be expecting a surprise in the mail! I sent it today. Love you!
If you could see the world from my view you would be more understanding.... and if I had one guess it would be.... You'd stand on your tip-toes in hopes that you might get a glimpse at what I see in my world. I'm finally approaching the end of my project, hooray! Ziggy has been snoring like a champ for quite some time now and I think it's my turn.... well, to talk my way through my sleep anyway. That's my snoring style. I thought I would never get to the good night point yet here I am. So, there!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have a crippling weakness for:

  • Alanis Morissette.
  • Wine shopping in World Market.
  • Chelsea Lately.
  • Mr. Carter's laugh
  • Confetti.
  • Thrift Stores.
  • Bob and Melinda Blanchard's unusual life.
  • Dogs. (especially my dollface, Ziggy)
  • Pickled Okra.
  • Live Music.



At this point....
There is no reason for me to marinate myself in the negative of how I am feeling about my procrastinating ways. I have a haircolor project that is due in the morning. Well, two of the four sections are due anyway.

This is the "finale for negative" from me on the project still not being finished at midnight:

My stress is driving me to grey hair.

OH SILLY, you know I have a positive or three to add to this....

This project is all about haircoloring. I should be able to fix that grey if it happens.

I suckered Victoria into coming over to visit me and lend a helping hand with this project.

SCORE! I haven't seen her way too long so that was of course, a plus!

I'm doing all this last minute madness upstairs so if I lean towards insanity I glance up at the

huge "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" sign and instantly smile.

I would say goodnight but I have this strange feeling that I might be back to this "magazine" of mine to take a few more breaks in between grey swatch, white swatch, medium swatch and so on....

Wish me Luck, Duck!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I started my "pez" obsession/collecting just recently. I hope to have enough in my possession before Christmas to decorate a tree full of Pez dispensers. In case you were wondering, I'm only at four right now. If you get the urge to help my collection grow I would greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness. I would even give you the pez candy to keep for yourself. I'm just saying....

Hello Kitty ( check )

Eeyore ( check )

Valentine Heart ( check )

Dalmatian ( check )

My mad man hunt right now is for the little monkey pictured above... I hear it is the most rare.

Yay, for our new decor!
This fantab poster came in.... It seems to have a strangely calming effect on me.
So we headed to Monkey town and found the perfect frame at The Target and it now hangs in what we think is the perfect spot.

David and I went to the beach Saturday and stayed the night. We helped Mel celebrate his dirty thirty. Fun pictures will be shared soon so don't you worry! My point of telling you this is......... I left Ziggy with my parents and didn't pick her up until TODAY! Do the math... I was having major "Ziggy Ziggy Oh No" withdrawals! She went nutso when she saw me! That sweet child was crying she was so excited when I pulled in the driveway! As for me, I was pretty flippin' stoked myself to finally get back to her! Jay-Lee and I went to CVS this afternoon to get her a reward.... aka chocolate, M&M's being her pick. She looked at me as we were getting out and prepared to walk in and asked in a very serious tone "Why can't they just let dogs go in CVS? I know Ziggy would behave and I know you would take her in." Jay-Lee has a tiny little mind that fascinates me daily. She thinks a lot like me.... and often! She it too ( !!!!!!!!!! ) cute.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

I want to play my harmonica and bongos in the Caribbean, la la la la la la la!

(now is a perfect time for the long harmonica and bongos solo)

If you never have, you should. There is something sexy about this particular Saturday!

The picture was stolen from David, without permission. So what....he's missing out.. I mean, napping.


Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything.
Perfect way for me to start off my day!

I think you want to hear need to hear more..... Do me a favor- download yourself some of these great tunes today. You need them in your life, perhaps?!! And if you are feeling like you could conquer the world today then BURN YOU A CD (after paying the musicians for their talent via itunes or something similar) enjoy the new tunes in your vehicle, windows down, and take a journey down a rode you have never been on before. My bet is you see something fascinating on that road that you have never been down. I would even bet you see and feel something beautiful at some point on the "new" road. Apply that to the way you live your life....

Such as:

Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come.

The XX - Stars

The Black Crowes - Thorn in My Pride

Toots & Maytals - Pressure Drop

Jewel - Hands

Umphrey's McGee - End of the Road

Phish - Fee

Dave Matthew Band - The Idea of You

Kings of Leon - Revelry

Kenny Chesney - Sherry's Living in Paradise

Van Morrison - Ballerina

Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama

Widespread Panic - Don't Wanna Lose You

Pretty Lights - Finally Moving

Okay, I'll stop now. Surely you will love a few, need a few, play a few on repeat today, or hey, maybe all of them will strike your fancy at just the right time!! Happy Week-end! I'm getting a shower and heading to Florida to help celebrate Mel's birthday! I think a mimosa would help with motivation this morning.... gah-lee! At least I'm awake.. unlike some cutie I know!


Friday, February 19, 2010


I hope you have a fabulous night. I love you and miss you very much.


love you j-bo,

(happy dance, happy dance!!!!)

Supper Club. FEB. 17, 2010.

Krista, Kimmie, Ben, Mel, David and myself- enjoyed it!

Just a sneak peak... the meal was to DIE for!

I didn't take lots of little photos to show off unfortuntely... the wii bowling game got intense on the pro level line so I forgot!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

heads up

My gypsy soul is back from being on a one year break away from my life.... Just giving you a little warning! But please, sit back and watch. I promise not to fall short of a very interesting story. In fact, get yourself some pop-corn and enjoy the show.... my life. I'm ready to make some things become reality. And yes, I am still searching for a banjo player.

"to the gypsy that remains faces freedom with a little fear, I have no fear, I have only love"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My wish for the day....

dear wish fairy,

i want a room full of vintage arcade games. of course, you know to include

ms.pac-man! thank you for your time.



this valentines day.

Yes, I celebrated the day of love. And we even continued our celebration as of last night. With boxed wine and clearance conversation hearts.... My sweet boyfriend was trying to do one of two things:

1) Show off his new challenge... attempting to become frugal.


2) Show me that he listens. And he once heard me simply say, I love conversation hearts.

But might I tell you, when you spend every day celebrating love, Valentine's day just feels like any other day. Simply beautiful if you face the world like I do....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Miss Quinlan

Dear TQ,

I miss our adventures.

I miss turning an "atv" store into a gym in our very own little..I mean big... world.

I miss your laugh.

I miss your support with my part time palm reading job.

I miss our fake tatts that appeared on our wrists.

I miss our sleepless nights that took place time and time again.

I miss our made up vocabulary.

I miss your face, bigitme!

I miss sharing songs on repeat in person.

I wish you and I could relive many of the black out monster nights all over again. (including the night that I drove while eating 2 week old mac-n-cheese)

I wish we could knock on your old apt door again to see who it is now witnessing the life of.

I wish the two of us lived WAY closer together.

I wish I could see you right now.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.




mmmm....Dreamy Creamy.

Tomorrow is supper club numero dos! It's our turn to host. I once found this cutie-pie at a chinese buffet and he can cook. (Yea, don't worry.... I kept him! And he's American not a chinaman) So, as far as our meal, he's in charge. Kabob's are the grub that is planned and let me tell you, I am excited. The thought of the pineapple grilled is dreamy creamy. Youtube "old greg" if you need a good video with the reason behind "dreamy creamy" being my choice of words describing what I know the meal is going to be.

Tonight was the original night for supper club but Krista took off towards Crestview to Bamboos. David and I would have definitely joined them if we didn't have to ironically go to Crestview LAST night for a surprise birthday party. Mexican was the grub, and yes it was dreamy-creamy. Just so you know.... La Rumba. Gah, give or take a letter. I think that is correct though.

I think you need to listen to this song! (another FYI for the stalkers)

Ani Difranco- If He Tries Anything

"I'm invincible so are you.. we do all the things they say we can't do.. we walk around in the middle of the night and if it's too far to walk we just hitch a ride"

If I knew what day it was I would give that day of the week a specific shout-out. But, I don't have a clue. So, I will instead give you a big fat toodles.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bye-Bye Bama Flurries.


It's all melting today! But I do have some pictures to share! We all enjoyed it while it lasted. I am thankful Ziggy and I didn't get smacked by the humongous limbs that were splitting off the trees surrounding us! David was at work while I called him with the slightly over exaggerated story of "trees are falling, trees are falling"!! It was limbs big enough to be trees though, so I have right to reserve the reason to spice that story up a tiny bit! Also, I'm sad to say that the snow in Bammy never made me think "fresh powder mannnnn, let's go shred the gnar... so epic bro" So, I guess I will have to take a trip back to Breck for all that jazzy jaz. I'm not scared. I even have a hot little girl that will be more than willing to pick me up from the Denver airport...with a pretty rad poster in hands too might I add! I have faith in my lovely TQ!

Friday, February 12, 2010


And NO, I am NOT trying to compete with these frugalmanias.... It would be impossible. But I do want to share a photo freebie.... thanks to Shelli! =) We are both very good to share our freebie finds.... Especially PHOTO freebies. With a face like mine (jokes) and three adorable kids like hers (no jokes) who wouldn't hit up an opportunity to blow up a photo to 8x10 fo' free??!! Walgreens. Online please, to avoid the wrecks and such in Bammy snow "storm" twenty ten, duh! Pick up whenever you feel frisky and get out of the house..... scardy cats! Promo Code- vday. Today only. Do it. Don't be scared. And with a smile, if you please!


Re-united at last.

I know you have already heard about my run in to Miss Krista. Well, here she is! Despite the attire and no make-up we are pretty darn cute friends if I do say so myself.

I really, really fancy these things:

*we now have a supper club-Tuesday was the first of many. No worries, I'll be blogging about the first and, more than likely, every one. I'm sure I'll be bragging about the menu's our men come up with! =)

*can get to each other in 48 seconds if we need to, she's having a little tiny mite and i'm going to be something fierce in that childs life. (i don't know if we are going the aunt route or godmother route.....)

*that girl just understands me. Need I say more? Yes, I will. She puts a pretty cute little smile on my face!!

Snow Day! Let's Play!

The high for today is 34 and we are holding steady at 32 right now in Gantt, Alabama. Go ahead, assume the time is telling you lies because I'm up and at em' with nothing mandatory to do today... Well, it's not! It is 9:45 and I've been awake SEVERAL hours. Give credit when credit is due. Thank-you, thank-you very much! I have to say, it's not too shabby for Alabammy! The local tv channel in Andalusia is one of the things cracking me up right now.... Ziggy is the other! Channel 14 says "If you are not experienced in driving in the snow, stay off the road because it will save you a hell alot of money!" On the other hand was Ziggy, remember? Well, she can't decide if she likes the snow. This morning I was a bit scared that she was going to have no interest. She got all nervous. Don't ask me how I know she was, just TRUST me on that one! But as of right now she keeps prancing around outside in it (showing that she is a true girl because I mean PRANCIN') and coming to me like the sweetest little child showing her mother (who is a very well fit mother might I add) the snow on her nose. Talk about adorable. Ummmm, yea. I'd say so! Okay I'm going to step back out into that white confetti party! I mean, who turns down beautiful white confetti falling from the SKY! Not this girl. Yet, I'm sure I'll have more bloggity blog action later this afternoon! It IS nice to have so much day ahead of you rather than wasting it because you accidentally hit snooze the max amount of times before your alarm just quits going off in spite of your non-intended lazyness.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A case of the Monday blues.....

"Come Monday, It'll be all right.
Come Monday, I'll be holding you tight."

One thing I've come to realize......

Every day I'm blessed with isn't my day to conquer the world. There are plenty of days I am given that particular opportunity and plenty of days I'm just supposed to appreciate being alive and well. I like the thought of living a limitless and exotic lifestyle. It's some part of me I think I have always had and always will have, too.

I hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday! =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


"You smell good" - David

"I've got a drunk chicken to compete with....I hope I smell good. Somebody has to compete with that thing!" -Mal

old man pants

I stole the town mayor card from YOU last night, Mr. Cata. Ahh HA! In yo face! David and I went with his parents to Buck Board for dinner last night and had a yummy meal. I ran into Amy Miller (a sweet sweet pledge sister of mine) and her husband. Seeing her kind hearted self made me so happy.... it has been several years since we have seen each other. I've missed her! Also, I saw Miss Krista's smiling face and found out she is expecting! AND lives less than a mile from David. Score! I get to see her lots more now! She even stopped by this afternoon before she went into work. Gah, I've missed her too! So anyway, needless to say.... Mallory got the Mayor crown last night rather than Daivd. Write that down. =)


grandparents you are special yes you are.

The road to Memo and Grandad's house is never too long.... A much needed (and way overdue) visit with my grandparents completed my Thursday night this past week. It's such a peaceful feeling when I hit their dirt road. I think it is more the anticipation I have about the time I'm going to spend with them rather than approaching the dirt and saying farewell to the gravel. The love I share with them has a special place in my heart and always will.
Now I just need to head on down to Goshen to love on my sweet Meme. That is a much overdue visit as well...... If my seminar (you know the one I thought was last Sunday, HA! Well.... it's THIS Sunday. Imagine that, Mal got mixed up!) wasn't tomorrow I would make that happen then. I am thinking about planning it sometime during the week!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Dear Coby,
I know I get on your nerves when we play together but I do want you to know that I hope you get better soon. I got you a little treat and hope you enjoy it. When your eye gets better, can we have another play date? I'll try my hardest to be in control of spontaneous ways. Anyways, paws to da wall- I love you, man!


This Friday everyone needs to wear their shoes on the wrong feet... at least for 22 minutes anyway. If you never have- YOU SHOULD. It makes you appreciate the times you put them on the right feet. But at the same time, it makes you wonder .... (speaking for myself here) Are you the only human that puts your shoes on the wrong feet, at the age 24, and walks in the gas station just to try it out the wrong way?"
Rain, rain....go away! Mallory and Ziggy want (NEED) to go outside to play! Watching the Food Network makes me insane. (and hungry) I want to learn how to cook, I feel. While I'm working up my appetite and desire to be a "cookin' mama" Ziggy is working on chewing a single piece of confetti up with her crooked teeth. And yes, I'd say showing a bit of her ignorance in the process. Gosh, I still love her though. There are just some things in life that she doesn't get. (jumping, biting, digging....ect.) Ziggy does have a 1st birthday celebration coming up though! Mama's got to get on the planning.... I got her the cutest little happy birthday bone/cookie from a precious dog boutique in West Palm called the Woof Gang Bakery. I could have shared with them many hours of my precious time and many dollars from my wallet.....If only we had several more days left in that town! Okay, Ziggy is napping so I'm going to take a quick shower and then maybe take her for a ride....or if it quits raining, A WALK!

Have a freaky-deaky Friday, pals.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I made up a game today.

(instructions in your inbox)

Only one person in the world other than myself knows the rules and regulations.

It's going to be played every day from here on out in my life until it's over. (until my life's over not the game...because the game is never ending.)

Official starting date of this game is 02-03-10.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Happy February!

Sweet Jay-Lee helped me put the Valentine's Day flag out in the yard yesterday. It put me in a lovey dovey mood or something I feel. I caught myself seeing stars... I mean hearts all day... and red.. and pink.... and ughhhh wanting those fun conversation hearts to munch on. I'm sure you would already anticipate this coming but - confetti. Heart shaped. Ahhhh, where to find?! I need that in my life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

At the parentals....

I walk in and my Daddy has the song "in the year 2525" by Zager & Evans playing (at a volume that's my favorite....fairly loud) while he is strumming softly on his guitar made (well, rebuilt I think) and signed by Denny Zager himself. And the nice little finishing touch I have for you peeps- My Daddy's guitar pick was one he recently ordered made out of a quarter. The quarter was from 1956.... That was the year the wonderful man I call my Father was born.

My lovely Mother hasn't made it home from Jean's Flowers. She puts some talent she has to use with arrangements and such.... It gets somewhat crazy up there during this month if I do recall.... Valentine's Day maybe??! She'll be strolling in before I leave hopefully.... If not she missed a visit from the coolest daughter!

i love the parentals very very much.

At the very last minute....

( 01-23-2010 )
saenger theatre- mobile, al
.....If I do say so myself, it was magical. Captured my shoes and took them off my feet for a few beats.

David and I took off in the Mobile direction to a Gov't Mule concert. Very wise decision that was. Would you like to see a small portion of why I think it was such a great idea that we followed through with this last minute trip.....

set one: bad little doggie, steppin lightly> any open window, rocking horse, dont step on the grass sam, trane> eternity's breath>st. stephen (jam), frozen fear, the letter, soulshine.

set two: brighter days> like flies, fixin' to die, spoonful> duan to matt handoff>drums>drums and key jam> broke down on the brazos, mule>i've been workin'>mule, E: Almost cut my hair, Pearly Queen

Annnnnd this was with Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret. & Duane Trucks, and Alvin Youngblood Hart.

Meet the concert crazies after the spectacular show....

And..."dont step on the grass sam" was one of the times where my boots refused to stay on my feet....

When we returned back to reality we had a day full of laziness at it's best!


Wah-BAM.... I just had the PERFECT lunch. My Memo snuck over to Troy this weekend while I was away in south Florida and cooked me up some of her homemade potato soup. Ahhhh, the yummy in my tummy it causes! In fact, I might have another bowl for supper. Who knows?!

Ummm, can I get an awful groan sound from someone for this weather here today. The sun is shining, nice. But reminder I was just totally teased with West Palm Beach weather for a good few short days. We be-bopped over to Boca, Florida yesterday before heading back to Bammy (yes, I realize I put an extra couple hours on our trip) to have an afternoon adult beverage at Crabby Jack's ... me that is, not my cutie driver.... with an old roomie of mine from Colorado. It was tempting to forget about the "responsibilities" we are facing today and just scoot on over a tee bit more to Miami. I'd make a sister mad if I entered Dash before she had the chance. The bowl game played yesterday in Miami (and traffic that comes along with that) kept us from falling into that temptation. David and I have great success with road trips so far. Trina (that would be the black hoe David rides) added a good 1600 miles, give or take, to her life and in my opinion handled it nicely. I got nominated as the best co-pilot in the world. So, next is deciding what to wear to that award ceremony.

I'd like to fill out my opinion survey on the weekend, please....

1) If you could change one thing about your recent stay what would it be?
Extend it a few more days! If you are willing to work with me and allow me a couple weeks there that is perfectly fine, too.
2) How was the weather?
If I said the first thing that came to my mind it might be rated "r".... So, let's just say the weather was there wish you were beautiful.
3) What is one thing you would like to tell the locals?
Tough life guys... wearing summer-ish dresses (or for the dude's shorts and flops) at the end of January.... tough stuff. Pah-leez!!!!
4) Did you turn into a nija turtle at any point in the trip?
Indeed. The purple one!! How did you know??!!

Got to run... a zillion things to be accomplished in the next hour! But get ready to be spoiled with several more blogs and lots of shameless pictures of a beautiful mess lifestyle.