Friday, February 5, 2010


This Friday everyone needs to wear their shoes on the wrong feet... at least for 22 minutes anyway. If you never have- YOU SHOULD. It makes you appreciate the times you put them on the right feet. But at the same time, it makes you wonder .... (speaking for myself here) Are you the only human that puts your shoes on the wrong feet, at the age 24, and walks in the gas station just to try it out the wrong way?"
Rain, rain....go away! Mallory and Ziggy want (NEED) to go outside to play! Watching the Food Network makes me insane. (and hungry) I want to learn how to cook, I feel. While I'm working up my appetite and desire to be a "cookin' mama" Ziggy is working on chewing a single piece of confetti up with her crooked teeth. And yes, I'd say showing a bit of her ignorance in the process. Gosh, I still love her though. There are just some things in life that she doesn't get. (jumping, biting, digging....ect.) Ziggy does have a 1st birthday celebration coming up though! Mama's got to get on the planning.... I got her the cutest little happy birthday bone/cookie from a precious dog boutique in West Palm called the Woof Gang Bakery. I could have shared with them many hours of my precious time and many dollars from my wallet.....If only we had several more days left in that town! Okay, Ziggy is napping so I'm going to take a quick shower and then maybe take her for a ride....or if it quits raining, A WALK!

Have a freaky-deaky Friday, pals.



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