Tuesday, February 23, 2010

David and I went to the beach Saturday and stayed the night. We helped Mel celebrate his dirty thirty. Fun pictures will be shared soon so don't you worry! My point of telling you this is......... I left Ziggy with my parents and didn't pick her up until TODAY! Do the math... I was having major "Ziggy Ziggy Oh No" withdrawals! She went nutso when she saw me! That sweet child was crying she was so excited when I pulled in the driveway! As for me, I was pretty flippin' stoked myself to finally get back to her! Jay-Lee and I went to CVS this afternoon to get her a reward.... aka chocolate, M&M's being her pick. She looked at me as we were getting out and prepared to walk in and asked in a very serious tone "Why can't they just let dogs go in CVS? I know Ziggy would behave and I know you would take her in." Jay-Lee has a tiny little mind that fascinates me daily. She thinks a lot like me.... and often! She it too ( !!!!!!!!!! ) cute.


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  1. Sweet, sweet JL. And the look on Zig's face in that picture says, "OH NO!"