Tuesday, February 28, 2012

add to cart.

 all i want for st. patty's day is THIS SHIRT!
buy it for me here.
and i'll love.you.forever. :) 
seriously, its green. 
kind of like.... the eyes of mine.
how can one resist? i really (really) need this delivered to me.

ready or not.

thursday is the day!!

the confetti crate will be open
on march first at 10:00!!

and.... i think you guys should come check it out! 

oh, and "like" the confetti crate on facebook if you haven't already.
please (maam+sir) and thank you (very much).  

because honestly.....
it would be just plain silly for you to miss out on all of the excitement to come. 

for years i have said i would own a store one day. 
welp, hello one day. 

nice to meet you. :)

very nice, in fact. 
i am so glad we have crossed paths. 

i have not a clue where this journey may go.
and that's a-okay with me. 


i believe in taking chances.
i believe in following my heart.
i believe that dreams do come true.
i believe in doing what i love.
i believe in myself. (most days, anyway)
i believe that, with God in control, all is possible.
i believe in all of the artists who are a part of the confetti crate.

i believe in happiness. and i believe in love.

and doing what i love....
makes me happy.


p.s. - we are planning lots of awesome events at the confetti crate....
several art classes to be announced soon.....
oh, and a little birdie told me that the Easter bunny may be hanging out with our crew one day soon! Pictures with the Easter bunny? I THINK SO!
And for the record.... you are never too old for the Easter bunny.

girl crush. (obvi)


Monday, February 27, 2012

good tune tuesday

so this is my favorite song-on repeat to the max-obsession- going on a good two weeks now.

and sometimes..... okay, very often....
i kind of pretend i am charity thielen.
she's just bad ass. that's really all there is to it.

enjoy the jam.
happy g.t.t. to everyone.


told you so.

red tights!
red tights!
red tights!

that's all.


scenes from a loflin wedding

This past Saturday we celebrated my precious Meme's 80th birthday. 

The weekend before Valentine's day we celebrated the marriage of my cousin Andrew and his lovely new wife, Elizabeth. 

Both were perfect celebrations. 
For special people.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

darling pretty

it wasn't a good tuesday. but here's a tune.


heath. my goodness. 
you have a smile that will be missed so very much.... 
by so very many. 
you have a heart that was made of gold. 

i've never been a fan of goodbye's. but when you aren't given the chance......sigh....
i just want to fight for that goodbye. just one simple goodbye. and maybe a hug. and it would never hurt to share a smile. take a picture. talk about what we think is to come...... and never admit to being wrong.... until we are. when the time comes for a beautiful soul to slip away without a goodbye....everything changes. and you then admit with a heavy heart that you were wrong. and life is short.  cause the last day of it all sneaks in and the chance to have the sometimes dreaded goodbye turns sharply in a different direction and all you wish for is one more chance. and one more day.

Farren, sweet Farren.... my prayers are with you.

Monday, February 20, 2012

for the love of good music.

"you were dreaming of alice, but you got wrapped in her chains"

the confetti crate update

you guys!!!!

 has me all sorts of excited!!!!

who's ready for march 1st to get here already so they can come shop? 
i know all the artists and myself sure are. 

we are ecstatic.
 and can't wait to show off all of the lovelies we will have for you guys. 

so....go ahead....
stretch it out.... take a deep breath....
and prepare yourself for an amazingly awesome new place to shop 
until you drop in Troy! 

(no worries... I have a sweet little dolly cart that will be glad to take your purchases right on out to your car while you are making another round or two through the store for a second look and more than likely adding a second load...)

i'm serious.  it is going to be full of   jaw-dropping fun. 

just a few things to look forward to:

Southern Scents and Sensations - Amy Word Jinright

 3's company. - jennifer coggins brown.

sugar and stuff. -elaine lott.

Hope Bundy Photography -Hope Garrett Bundy

art from the heart -deedie carter 

joyful expressions -ashley glover

this little craft of mine -shelly hughes 

knot just beads -patricia coston 


because everybody needs a good little jam tonight.

keri noble - hey lover.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012




hello, dreamer.

this is my bedtime story song for the night.

i need major sleep. 

and everything about the head and the heart has me at ease.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it's official.

the sister and i are opening a store.

{ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

we are extremely excited.

the name - the confetti crate.
the location - one hundred & ten west madison street. troy, alabama

mini description for the curious ones:

think art. and lots of it.  
think colorful. all over the place. 
think furniture. because that's something i love. and re-do.
think onesies. sewn by the talented sister.
think pillows. some hand painted. some with the most awesome fabric choice ever.
think antiques. that's right, i said antiques.
think custom frames. handmade + amazing.
think pet friendly. because we wouldn't have it any other way. (not to mention the handmade line of pet beds and accessories we will be carrying)
think re-purposed. we most definitely believe in recycling.
think vintage. because vintage is such a beautiful thing.

it's coming....
very soon!

more information (and pictures) will be shared shortly. 



i want to be the adult version of this. 
maybe even tonight.
that's all.

so, take me there.
where the feet are bare, the hair is blonde, and the tutu is classy.

oh- and if the hands are on my hips... 

it's probably because i'm sassy.


(i saved this picture from somewhere on the pinterest planet and now i can't retrace my steps for the credit i'd like to give for this perfectly stunning tutu cute little blonde babe. and i'm sorry.)

red hot mama.

i love the color red.
(especially) on my lips.
on my nails.
red cowgirl boots.
as a late night highlight (temporary-thank goodness) in my hair. blaming that on the margs.

but seriously...
i need some red tights something fierce. 
like..... i will probably venture out tomorrow and find me some.
and the decision has already been made to get more than one pair.
sort of because i am a professional when it comes to ripping those jokers.

and if by chance you see me around wearing red tights day after day....
don't judge.
be jealous that you are not as festive as me.
because i will probably pretend it's for the support of valentines day or something.
and if i'm still rocking repetitively in march.... we will go from there.


good tune tuesday.

"hey, hey what can i say?! 
i gotta woman, wanna ball all day"

okay, so i really only have some news.

but..... to me....
it's big news.

coming soon i promise.