Tuesday, February 21, 2012

heath. my goodness. 
you have a smile that will be missed so very much.... 
by so very many. 
you have a heart that was made of gold. 

i've never been a fan of goodbye's. but when you aren't given the chance......sigh....
i just want to fight for that goodbye. just one simple goodbye. and maybe a hug. and it would never hurt to share a smile. take a picture. talk about what we think is to come...... and never admit to being wrong.... until we are. when the time comes for a beautiful soul to slip away without a goodbye....everything changes. and you then admit with a heavy heart that you were wrong. and life is short.  cause the last day of it all sneaks in and the chance to have the sometimes dreaded goodbye turns sharply in a different direction and all you wish for is one more chance. and one more day.

Farren, sweet Farren.... my prayers are with you.

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