Monday, March 26, 2012

good tune tuesday.

for the love of lissie.
because let's face it... 
she is just incredible.

Friday, March 23, 2012

here's a little story about my sweet tcc.

Art is a huge part of my life. Both making art and supporting art. This month I have had the opportunity to   spend my days surrounded by artists (each defining their own art and in many different ways) I find myself with such an open mind having spent this entire month with art all around me. It's everywhere. And believe it or not, in everyone grows the title of an artist. Some with a lack of confidence, some certain they are going to take on the world.... Some giving themselves zero credit to even coming close to holding the title... some completely unaware that they, personally, are putting together a beautiful thing... a thing called art. Some competitive... and some encouraging of all things art. Period.

I opened The Confetti Crate on March first and have celebrated that birthday for the past twenty three days. As I am sure my close friends will completely agree, sleep has always been something I filed under "overrated". The festivities celebrating the birth of TCC have been non-stop. READ: If you are not wanting to hear "cheesy time" scroll down a line or two.... I feel like a proud Mom of all the artists and their hard work to make their little homes in The Confetti Crate look their best... I can't get enough of their excitement. I may or may not melt like velveeta in the microwave when they make a sale they didn't see coming at such a quick pace. They bring something in and before they even leave the store out walks some of their art and into the home of another. You guys, it's a beautiful thing. I love planning a kick arse party. I do. But I will admit, planning the birthday party for The Confetti Crate was much different than any other party I have planned..... A challenge, most definitely! But in such a funky little way. Having the chance to showcase the hard work of 17 others (and wildly growing) has been very much so difficult. But very, very much so rewarding. At the end of each day I have been able to feel a huge amount of success and give thanks to God for making this dream come true and allowing me a chance to work hard ( at keeping it alive. :)

Growing up, it bothered me when someone else had the same dress or purse as me. For whatever reason, I didn't feel as special. Years later, I am the same green eyed girl. I work very hard to carry unique finds, one-of-a-kinds.... from handmade jewelry to baby items to home decor. I love the rush I get when I "shop my way" am given a request to "keep an eye out" for something.

VIA mal mag I so eagerly invite you to come take a peek at all the lovelies in the store.... it's filled with vintage finds, ART of course, and so much more.There hasn't been a single day in the life of the confetti crate that I haven't witnessed a TCC virgin come in and immediately gasp. And honestly.... i love it so. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

fur friends are welcome at the confetti crate.

we have treats. 
and a mad love for dogs. 
and shampoo, and spritzer for our four legged babies...
and the cutest hand made dog beds everrrrrr.....
oh, and did i say treats?

come to the confetti crate where you can spoil the you know what out of your pooch. 




i think they would look fierce.... 
and well, just perfect in these pierced ears of mine. 


Friday, March 16, 2012

irish blessing.

"may the sun shine all day long. everything go right and nothing wrong. may those you love bring love back to you and may all the wishes you wish come true."
this is for certain (because the leprechaun told me so): 
there will be lots of green sprinkled throughout the confetti crate tomorrow. if you make a purchase... be prepared to walk away feeling like a winner with a fancy little St. Patty's Day treat. 

 there will be music. (live.)
 because holidays are meant to be fun. and festive.

i'll be darn if i waste away MY st. patty's day on the couch. 
so come see me. shop. browse. shop. listen to music. shop. drool over all the awesome stuff in the confetti crate. and enjoy the day.... and just maybe... if you insist.... you can get your face painted, too!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Ryan Adams,

Will you marry me?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A reminder of how much I am like my Daddy.... 

I stayed at work after I closed tonight to work on a few furniture pieces and a couple custom orders. It was entirely too late when I finally finished up so I just took the short drive to my bed at the parents opposed to the longer ride home to the bungalow. I walk in to find my Daddy (still awake close to midnight) watching a  concert of Ray Wylie Hubbard.... I may not have the cutest dimples in the world (like my Daddy does) but it is no question where my love for music comes from. Of course, his knowledge about music (and musicians) still blows my tiny little mind. Sitting with my Dad as he laughs his way into midnight at the concert he was watching was pretty much the best bedtime story ever. (The things Ray Wylie Hubbard were saying were pretty darn Daddy wasn't the only one laughing.)

Ahhh, for the love of music and a super cool dad.


PS- there's a harmonica involved.
like i said.... best bedtime "story" ever.

Monday, March 12, 2012

scenes from "the confetti crate" make-over:

 gah.... the power of pictures... and looking back. 
these pictures were taken on one of the many nights that i was (secretly) on google searching for a chuy to take over. EVERYTHING! I was seriously considering hiring help. 

i can smell that exact moment right now.  and the pain i held in the palm of my hands slightly comes back just thinking about that project..... and crowes chicken is the last thing i want to eat for lunch... 

but good gracious.... it was ALLLLLL worth it!! 

i will have to share more pictures on the "before" one day.... but for now- i will leave you with these and the thoughts on me being so powerful that i was holding up that monster size cooler.... For the "after" pictures.... I would love to show you in person. 

So...... come shop and see for yourself! :)

monday music marathon.




Bleu Edmondson-Good Thing

"she said life is all a young girl has....
and i can't find mine while I'm living yours....."

this monday is made for music. 


excuse me while i shower mal-mag with epic songs throughout the day. 
you. are. welcome.  


Bleu Edmondson - The Band Plays On

"Well everybody stops to watch her move
She laughs just a little at her neon fame
The girls think she’s got somethin’ to prove
But all the boys wanna know her name
But the storybooks were wrong again
And the songs on the radio lie
She weeps for who’s she been
But nobody hears her cry, her cry yeah

But everybody’s got a story

Might be a little harder than yours
Have you ever bled for glory
Then what the hell are you livin’ for
You sit and to listen to the music
But you can’t hear that song

This old world spins a little faster
And the band plays on"


what's been going on

"those are some of my favorite memories
all those carefree melodies
while i'm out of  here on this raging sea
about to capsize"

Friday, March 9, 2012

adjusting my "tude" with a tune.

i am pretty much certain that my wrist has a hand that has one finger that has a knuckle that has a broken bone. i didn't feel like being tough last night. why? umm hello because it hurt like you know what when the faithful middle finger smashed like a pancake at a fast impact in between a vanity and a chest. i said an ugly word. (maybe twice) stomped my boots harder than i've ever even considered stomping them. and i may or may not have screamed. like a wimp. a deserving wimp, that is.

as for today.... the finger is no longer swollen but the "reason to bitch" is still there sitting to the left of mr pain in the arse. it hurts. terribly. but because it is friday ( and only because it is friday ) will i choose to try extra hard to step up to the plate and act tough. still keeping inside the boundaries of being a lady like kind of tough opposed to a grrrrrr you are way to intense to be a girl kind of tough.

you know, that decision was made when i had a home made pickle for breakfast....
 put on my red lipstick.....
 and walked out the door with my most worn in cowgirl boots i own.

oh, and here is a jam. for the good people. on a good day.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

this calls for a celebration!

get out of town!!! i sort of just turned a back flip over this news....

"Loyal Domino Fans! We are pleased to announce Domino Quick Fixes, a Domino special edition that will hit newsstands nationwide on April 17th."

let the countdown begin....