Thursday, December 30, 2010

back when  beginning the collection of pez dispensers all started up in my life i was determined to have enough before december to fill up my christmas tree. [that was in february] i was able to accomplish that this year. i put my decorated pez tree up in my bedroom at the parents house. sadly, i was on the go a whole bunch during the month of december and didnt get to enjoy it like i would have liked to. i did take it down today but i am determined to find a new home for all my little pezzy friends to hang out for me to enjoy throughout some of the new year. any ideas, pop-tarts?

a visit from this family is something i look forward to every year.

unfortunately, seeing these guys does not happen near enough but when it does, it is great.

marley and i with jack, jon harris, and allie.
cant. get. enough. of. them.

of course, we have to make secretive plans.
this crew melts my heart.

i am so thankful for knowing them and having them as friends family! :)

i have a friend who shares music in the way that some friends share a lengthy phone call or a giant hug. her music gifts are so meaningful. she always knows the most fitting time and fitting tunes to give. i was just given two new cds full of jams that were very much so needed and spot on.

thank you tq.

"I said, Peace runs deep, deep in Him"
can i get an amen?

I have a crush on Josh Garrels. This is true.
Gah, he sings with so much passion.
I love his style of worship.


"Train Song" Josh Garrels

new year, here i come. 
{ more than likely wearing feathers in my hair and bright colors }

consider me ready :)
in new orleans ----> i turned twenty five.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sparkler candles. i need these for every birthday.

but do you blame me for wanting the numbers to decrease rather than increase each year?


a sister and a cousin.
[both of them i love]

scenes from christmas morning.

" we will open the book. its pages are blank. we are going to put words on them ourselves. the book is called opportunity and its first chapter is new years day."

-edith lovejoy pierce
scenes from last night.

{my thoughts on} 
a wake-up call with no voice 

more or less a text.... WA-BAM! the most sudden WA-BAM you have ever had. enough gained by just sweet sixteen words grouped together in a way that was nothing to one and everything to another.
approaching a new year it could not have felt any better of a time to start beginning each of my days:
as someone and not as something.
courageously being myself. 
finding a path that is brighter. everysingleday.
more fearlessly.
taking { BOLD } chances.
dancing through my days with trust {in myself} that i will face beautiful things in life
i believe in myself. this is a gift i will always have and hold close to my heart. thinking about it, i am glad i hold it with a firm grip....
[to me] believing in the person you are (totally) is not something that comes {honestly} from many people you face. of course, you have your "biggest believers".  if your list of "bb's"  consist of, hmm lets say, four people then quickly divide that in half (quickly do so because the longer you think hard about the people (the ones who say "they believe in you") who put such a false face on each day are the ones you are usually making up excuses for. unaware but often in your own head and frequently to others) so trust your quick division process and move along.....
dance through your days.
and when you are faced with a rhythm of an uncertain beat- hold nothing back. express yourself. give the world a glimpse of what you have.
you have nothing to lose because of all the {real} deserving belief you have in yourself.

a pretty large (but confident) decision.................................................
after receiving what i referred to as "a wake up call with no voice"
i knew something had to be different this time in order for it to be as big of an eye opener as a fireworks show finale is but with different emotions. {and that it was}

-putting a situation into a movie-
the last time (okay....multiple times) it was playing at the movie theater (you know, the cinema in my brain)
sure, this movie was a "big hit".... ratings were high enough for them to even extend the time frame of showing the movie.... over and over again.
but when the credits played they were all excuses for every single bit of the movie.
perhaps the part that made you cry...
or that one little detail you cringed about but could not get it out of your head for anything.
the scene where you covered your eyes and pretended something totally magical was happening when it was in reality abuse of some sort.
or the love song that is dedicated but with total dishonesty in the emotions department....

there comes a time where the "replay" button needs to be totally taken away and replaced with an employee (aka-one of your REAL biggest believers) for a quick rewind on the big screen. discussing in detail about all the bothersome parts of the movie that are followed by credits excuses. are you really getting your admission worth being filled with those type credits? why absolutely not. that is when it is considered a smart move if you chose to do this one thing:
keep your distance from "actors". (that would be all you sweet cheeks putting on a pitiful front to the world)
they often get confused in the roles they are playing. their producers expect strict role play and you deserve the fact, no scripts are needed because you deserve what is real and far from anyone sending you memorized words......
(b/c that's just their lines for that movie)
and it means nothing.

every single bit of that song lissie, every single bit. job well done if i do say so myself.
yes. i played it for an entire night on repeat because it felt right and made me happy.

that is my good morning to you all.
i hope it makes your day.


Lissie - Pursuit of Happiness

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a whole bunch of randoms: (ready set go)
  • my pandora is set on the avett brothers station and at the end of the last song played they laughed real hard for a good 44 seconds and it was a laugh that cracked me up. (so i laughed along) a good laugh. one that i am sure made their abs tight after it was all over. good stuff. now i am left wondering what all the giggles were about. oh, to be in the know.
  • my family has wonderful friends that we consider family in every way possible that live in michigan and they came to visit tonight. i will smother you with pictures of the most adorable three kids very soon, i promise. the whole family is adorable. they are just awesome people. more later, promise.
  • i am about to clean my room. it is a madhouse. send love and luck this way. i think i am even a little scared how carried away i could get though. 
  • the feeling i have about recently turning twenty five is a good thing. i feel like this year holds an incredible amount of growing. i also think the new roads i am going to curiously walk down are going to be paths lined with happiness. 
  • santa was so good to me. now i just need help organizing my life in a few areas. to those who know me- that does not include my car, reba, quite yet. she is going to rehab for hoarding and when she returns (all clean and free of everything under the sun) she will join the crazy train in staying organized. one thing at a time, people
  • i love ani difranco.
  • another family christmas at my parents house tomorrow. diet starts following that.

"we have two lives:
the one we learn with and the life we live after that."  -bernard malamud

Saturday, December 25, 2010

good morning, snow bunnies.

i hope everyone was "precious" enough this year to have a visit from santa.
here at my house the sister and i just discovered that the jolly old man, indeed, did stop.
we have continued the tradition in our matching christmas eve pajamas....early to rise but definitely not early to bed....

the daddy will have one of the most amazing morning meals whipped up here shortly.... the mama will have mimosas ready to be served.... gifts galore and then off to murphree lane for more is a day of celebration. so enjoy!

Merry Christmas to you.... and you.... and you.
oh, and you too!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

lets play the pretend game.
oh hey, it is only december 21st.
and i would love for you all to help me blow out one big candle for a first birthday.

mal mag, my dear.... you were born a year ago.
oh how sweet. and crazy. thanks for being such a therapeutic outlet for me.
and to the followers (and anonymous readers) thanks guys.
i enjoy writing. about this and that. big deal or small to-do. it makes me happy. and to know that mal mag has stalkers is loads of fun. so, thanks. again and again.... thanks.
now is the time to throw loads of confetti for the celebration of this sweet first birthday.


p.s. thanks for pretending. i didn't forget the big birthday. i have just been sick. so that called for a belated celebration. now back to your best behavior because yes indeed, santa will be here in a short amount of time..... with a sack full of goodies.... or switches?!

Monday, December 20, 2010

yesterday was my birthday.
tomorrow there is another birthday. [ a first birthday ]
and here are a few scenes from a twenty first birthday....
more to come later.
i am sick.
and it is not from partying too hard in new orleans celebrating my day of birth, i promise.
i told the boyfriend on the way down there i felt like i was getting sick.
like most always, i was right. have been in bed all day today.

i am hoping for a much better day tomorrow. i still have way too much christmas shopping to take care of. oh boy. and i haven't even sent out christmas cards. too bad they don't say happy new year just in case that does not happen in time.

i hope everyone had a fun weekend and has a wonderful week.


Friday, December 17, 2010

secrets shared by sisters.
[makes you wonder]


" see you and me have a better time than most can dream of, better than the best, so we can pull on through, whatever tears at us, whatever hold us down, and if nothing can be done, we'll make the best of what's around."

Friday, December 10, 2010

this is ziggy. and david.
and they are making twin faces.
and i felt like i was seeing double.
and it was fun.
from all of us -happy friday.
do a dance. and make it a happy one.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

scenes from the dirty water.
that is [in fact] snow on the bushes.
flurries twice in one year here is way crazy.
the south is up to something fishy...what is this bammy?

oh and look at my precious little girl on her potty break.


i thought surely the banana posts would not last longer than a day.... that is where i was totally wrong.
the sister and i went on a nifty thrifty run yesterday.... i made several purchases actually. and these bananas were one. they are [fake] sparkly with something that looks like sugar coated on them. and i love them. the crackberry took this picture and it stinks like a dirty diaper. but take my word, they are so precious. if you think i am weird for getting excited about finding two sparkly bananas at the salvation army hold tight. maybe one day an explanation will be served. until then, make fun [if you insist] and have fun doing so.
"long hair don't care"

happy hump day.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"you have to do stuff that  
average people don't understand 
because those are 
the only good things"
-andy warhol

too bad wallpaper is a pain in the arse to put up / take down. 

i guess i could settle for a piece of this framed if this banana kick stays around.

today there will be alot of talk about bananas. 
well.... not completely. 
but just in case i get carried away....
consider this your warning.
i am going to go bananas about bananas. 
mainly because that is exactly what i want to do. 
and also because i love the color yellow.

yo, ashley. 
i have that andy warhol shirt.
i like your style, girl. [always]


Monday, December 6, 2010

one question.
where in the world is santa this year?
it is now the sixth day in december and i dont believe i have had even a single glance at that jolly guy.

yall, has santa been anywhere you were this december? 
im starting to get a little scared.
am i being punked?

i need to see santa asap or im going north. [for-eva]

hello, all.
i hope your monday is treating you kindly.
i also hope you are staying warm.
it is ridiculously cold here for bammy. 
at least my body tells me so.

between my willow house and the "new" little hobby... i have been a busy body. (that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh i like it i like it)
not to mention that my "blog brain" has been fried. i know, it's never stopped me from posting about sweet little nothings before but for some reason lately my fingers refused to type here. so i didn't force anything on them considering they are always so good to me. they braid my hair, tie my shoes and it never fails - send texts out to my long list of important people. so i have respected the trusty fingers request and gave them a [well deserved] break. 

but they are back.
and ready to tell you about something. 
here goes....
me + the sister + the godsister have some things new taking place in our  
scatter brained world.
my (marley)
crazy (chelsea)
mess (mallory -psst thats me)

it would tickle our fancy if you would check out the crazy mess we make time and time again.

we promise to have a much more put together looking result.... it's just so much easier [and fun] making the mess getting there....

you can find us here. and here.
my crazy mess loves company.... so pay us a visit.
 dont be shy.

here's to a happy week! cheers.


oh pee. ess. - i promise to show much more love to mal mag from here on out. its my birthday month and malmag also has a big [exciting] birthday this month. she will be turning one. im coming up with fun ways to celebrate. that is a promise. oh and i cant forget the sister- she will be celebrating the big twenty one. can we say excitement overload? i think so.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

why hello, two thousand and ten.
i would lurves for you to close the year on a great note.
think you can handle that miss december?


pssst-several fun birthdays this month. guess who?
santa click here if you think i have been as good as i think i have this year.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010