Saturday, April 30, 2011

with only the brightest colors on, today is faced fearlessly and on a mission. there is just such a comforting vibe about tackling your day in such way as that to ever turn it down. surrounding myself with positivity in all ways possible, i am certain that this saturday has no choice but to be spectacular. thank you GOD for allowing me to see another day. my green eyes are in awe at all the "little things" that make such "big things" impact my life. i am beyond blessed. unafraid to admit that falling short of showing just how appreciative i am does indeed happen. i have a countless number of blessings.... my family, friends, fur child (did i mention ziggy is perfect? and by perfect i mean A+ perfect!) The list is never ending. Each day that I am given I discover a whole new picture and a brand new song. The paintings are not always perfect but somewhere withing I find beauty. the songs don't necessarily fit my "music mood" that i wake up with but at some point before my day is done i have ripped apart the lyrics and related them to what fits like a completed puzzle to me in some way, somehow. for today, lets wipe off the dust on the chalkboard from last weeks lesson, whatever it may have been, and scribble down something new using the way of art that makes you the happiest. something that feels good. something that just tickles your fancy. and for the lipstick color, i'm going with red. but that's just me.... it's just me simply adding a splash of color to my day, a shade of red to my painting and a full days worth of repeat on one particular song that may or may not support that decision i made to wear red on the lips of mine.


ear candy. enjoy.


Friday, April 29, 2011

day dreaming of owning a local 5 and dime store of some sort.... is that alright?
because i believe that is just what i will do.
and maybe twirl around town in search of a few yard sales.


ctb 365

confetti in the house!!!!
(say it in the tone that they say "rick and bubba in the house" on the radio)
it's a beautiful thing. happy friday.
welcome weekend, so glad you are here.
please sit back, relax and stay awhile forever.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

scenes from yesterday

did you celebrate earth day in any way?


Hey guys, guess who?
I have a (part-time) profession of telling stories from the life of mine.
So here ya go.... I will share a few.

I've been told that I have a smile that will melt a heart time and time again.
This if from the outside looking in inside looking out. So maybe I am sitting on a desk to get that particular view....
Is this real or am I dreaming? 
I am pretty sure my belly is pink and polka-dotted.... or so I've been told.
This is my intimidating face. 

This is an adult bev because it's five o'clock somewhere.
This is me on a shopping spree. 
No reason other than I am spoiled.
This is what nap time with Mom looks like.

Speaking of nap time..... I think it is about that time as we speak. 
I hope you enjoyed all of my (short) stories.

xoxo, ziggy

ctb 365

because you can even purchase the makings of a beautiful mess at goodwill....


Friday, April 22, 2011

this is your (almost) daily daycare.

easter treat.
for me.
from two {extremely cute} kids at work.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i never have the intentions of hurting anyone.
although, i have hurt and unfortunately will hurt.
but both, with no intention.

a fact is this: 
nobody can please everyone.
it just doesn't work like that.

i am going to let people down.
{and i am going to be let down} 
but i cant allow someone to control my life when i know my intentions are to give love and receive love. 

"you may say i'm a dreamer.... but i'm not the only one"

i am aware that i fall under the minority category in the small town ways....the deep south is stuck. stuck like the gum in your hair after falling asleep with it in your mouth. stuck to the roots. being from a considerably small town in alabama i am forever stuck to the roots. it is a sticky situation but one that i know i have to take a stand with. i have found it best, over the years, that standing up for what i believe in is a good thing. granted, there is an insanely large search for fault surrounding you when you embrace being different.
but as long as you are comfortable in your own skin.... all you need is love.
and love goes a long way. in many different directions. but love should come so easy.

take a moment to reflect on all the good things you have in your life.... 
starting with simply having access to water....

the time we are given here on this earth is short.
are you shaping your life around all the petty things?
if so, buy yourself some fresh play-doh.
mold the new around all the things you are blessed with and throw away the dried dough.... 
because all it's good for is crumbling down.


ctb 365

because the beauty in this friendship is hard to explain....

i suppose it has a whole bunch to do with the understanding of one coming out of cvs (overly excited) with a treat for the other... that treat being a baby cactus.

[ name and pics of the cactus coming soon ]
the past two days for me have been eleven (+) hour work days.

needless to say i became best friends with mr. coffee man.
because he puts a beautiful pep in my step.... 
(yes, this face is so normal)


(this life is a) crazy parade

to-do list:
purchase and paint.
simple enough.

{ OPI "you don't know jacque" }

this is your (almost) daily daycare.

who thinks an outfit is complete with noodles as a necklace and chocolate pudding as summertime gloves?
oh, we do for sure!

Monday, April 18, 2011

ice ice baby.


hey look,
it's the back street seat boys!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

i have decided to start this week off with a little something new.
i am giving myself thirty minutes (no more, no less) to be in a frustrated mood. thirty minutes to stress. thirty minutes to let all my aggravations play a part of my life. after those thirty minutes are up, the rest of the day is spent being positive. the remainder of my day is all about happiness and appreciation to be alive and here on this earth. besides, there is so much i have to be blessed for.... why would anyone want to spend more of the time they are given moping about all the bad when they are surrounded with good? think about it.... take thirty minutes, get all the grumpy-ness out of the way and be done. go on about your day wearing a smile.... a good hair day if you please..... a new shade of lipstick....

wearing extremely comfortable heels....
so what if the sole isn't red, you can always pretend.


Friday, April 15, 2011

belittling myself for the sake of others.
something i wish to file under "things from my past"

because i am ready....
to receive a high five
a pat on the pack
maybe make a jaw drop....

and with confidence....
know that i have the ability to do remarkable things.

i have a confession:
i love receiving emails via text from victoria's secret. it's one of my favorite emails to see pop up in the inbox. [second to the "story of the day"] reason being? they are usually titled something like
"hello, bombshell"

and it makes me.... well......... really feel like a bombshell.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ctb 365

because i will be completely honest.... taking a mini (and i mean mini) power nap is a beautiful feeling. it has been one of those days.... you know, where you literally find yourself constantly with one hand covering your face and you are fighting to hold  back shit and damn ugly words... 

a bright side i can almost always find though.....
TOMORROW IS FRIDAY, that will work for me. 
Hello, Sunshine.... I am going to need you to really do your thing this weekend.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

scenes from the a-town goodywill


this is your (almost) daily daycare.

i am the teacher of six (precious) one year old kiddos. although my calorie intake on goldfish and cheeze-it's  has increased tremendously since taking this job i feel certain that the movement my body participates in (even at nap time) has also jumped up a notch. we have dance parties that, of course, the beiber fever comes along with while doing so. needless to say - i find it a must that i share (almost) daily daycares with you guys. why? because there is not a day that goes by that i dont have a story {that i find entertaining} to share. and i feel certain that majority of the scoop i will share might involve one of three things....

 {because we like pears, corn dogs and green beans mixed together....oh, and cheerios too}

we are not shy of a mess. head to toe. any given day of the week, any meal.
breakfast morning snack today was surprisingly clean and free of super stick leftovers in everyone's hair. but you better believe we didn't slack off in the messy world for the next two meals.... i'm still trying to figure out how eating a corn dog (with NO condiments) makes the kind of mess that it does...

perhaps it has alot to do with the chain reaction of when one takes their plate and dumps it out on another ones head?

beats the heck out of me....

oh and did i mention that the greenbeans were less messy than those darn corndogs? 
 still..... stumped. 
how was i not wiping down 60 fingers, 6 faces, 6 heads of hair and twelve lips covered in green mush.... instead i am wiping corn dogs off all of that and then some....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To my dear friend, Amy....

I hope your day was just like you.

And until we get together to celebrate, I send a bright sun shiny smile {and hug} your way...
Welcome to your twenty fifth year!
A toast shall be made very soon for this day.