Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i never have the intentions of hurting anyone.
although, i have hurt and unfortunately will hurt.
but both, with no intention.

a fact is this: 
nobody can please everyone.
it just doesn't work like that.

i am going to let people down.
{and i am going to be let down} 
but i cant allow someone to control my life when i know my intentions are to give love and receive love. 

"you may say i'm a dreamer.... but i'm not the only one"

i am aware that i fall under the minority category in the small town ways....the deep south is stuck. stuck like the gum in your hair after falling asleep with it in your mouth. stuck to the roots. being from a considerably small town in alabama i am forever stuck to the roots. it is a sticky situation but one that i know i have to take a stand with. i have found it best, over the years, that standing up for what i believe in is a good thing. granted, there is an insanely large search for fault surrounding you when you embrace being different.
but as long as you are comfortable in your own skin.... all you need is love.
and love goes a long way. in many different directions. but love should come so easy.

take a moment to reflect on all the good things you have in your life.... 
starting with simply having access to water....

the time we are given here on this earth is short.
are you shaping your life around all the petty things?
if so, buy yourself some fresh play-doh.
mold the new around all the things you are blessed with and throw away the dried dough.... 
because all it's good for is crumbling down.


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