Wednesday, April 13, 2011

this is your (almost) daily daycare.

i am the teacher of six (precious) one year old kiddos. although my calorie intake on goldfish and cheeze-it's  has increased tremendously since taking this job i feel certain that the movement my body participates in (even at nap time) has also jumped up a notch. we have dance parties that, of course, the beiber fever comes along with while doing so. needless to say - i find it a must that i share (almost) daily daycares with you guys. why? because there is not a day that goes by that i dont have a story {that i find entertaining} to share. and i feel certain that majority of the scoop i will share might involve one of three things....

 {because we like pears, corn dogs and green beans mixed together....oh, and cheerios too}

we are not shy of a mess. head to toe. any given day of the week, any meal.
breakfast morning snack today was surprisingly clean and free of super stick leftovers in everyone's hair. but you better believe we didn't slack off in the messy world for the next two meals.... i'm still trying to figure out how eating a corn dog (with NO condiments) makes the kind of mess that it does...

perhaps it has alot to do with the chain reaction of when one takes their plate and dumps it out on another ones head?

beats the heck out of me....

oh and did i mention that the greenbeans were less messy than those darn corndogs? 
 still..... stumped. 
how was i not wiping down 60 fingers, 6 faces, 6 heads of hair and twelve lips covered in green mush.... instead i am wiping corn dogs off all of that and then some....

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