Monday, February 28, 2011

youth is a beautiful thing. (so i was told)


this is a willow house product.
it belongs to the mom. purchased from me.
and the cursive above is referring to my sisters poodle, molly, that lives with the parentals. 
molly is old. and she loves to eat. and rest all day (yapping at anything and everything in between the shut-eye) again, she loves to eat. that is about all ive got. 

thanks mom for making me crack up when i walked in the house this morning. great way to start off my day. so yes, i was happy like molly is when she snatches a fry away from an innocent soul just trying to fill their belly.


hey, easter bunny!

if i promise to (continue) being extremely well behaved do you think you could sneak this barbie bling in my easter basket?

oh. i. die. over. it.
did i mention that inside it has a gold chandelier and a staircase.... 
that is also made of gold? 

"i'm having too good of a hair day to go to work"
i'm thinking about starting a blog  titled "funny shit crap that comes out of chelsea's mouth"

for the record

  • music keeps me sane.
  • i owe my parents a whole bunch for they are way too good to me.
  • letting time slip away in a thrift store while plundering for something rando that catches my eye puts me in a happy place.
  • in this life i want to have drinks (somewhere semi secluded) with mary kate and ashley and my next life i want to be chelsea handler.
  • it is the norm for me to obsess over my pooch, ziggy. (on a very regular basis)
  • i get sidetrack. and struggle getting back on. but totally accept that.
  • i am attracted to kind hearts. and thoughtful acts.
  • i am a sucker for hand written letters. both giving and receiving.
  • i miss my mama b on a daily basis.
  • i secretly wish i would not have ever given up my tanning bed fake bake days.
  • my God, is an awesome God.
  • i have a love for decorating. always have.
  • i hope to continue my green thumb wanna be club throughout this spring and summer.
  • oh, how i do love the south.

text convo.

me: okay, i will admit this....i catch myself talking about chuy running errands for me as if he really is my assistant.

he: haha chewy

me: i think i secretly (somehow) have convinced myself that he is my personal assistant. why do i pretend so much? because that's nothing less of a huge let down when he isn't there to ummm... do whatever i want, when i want. why? why do i do the things i do?

me: and it's CHUY not chewy, silly.

he: you gonna make it to wilco?

me: yes. are you going with me? i will not to embarrass you. promise.

he: promise? just as long as we don't get arrested.

he: ya, we are going.

me: oh, i can handle that. consider that wish granted. i'm confident.


p.s. is it just me or was the chuy talk avoided and replaced with wilco talk? i believe it was. it's okay. chuy will understand. and wilco is a good thing. so that text transition was alright by me.

the artist within.

"a writer should write with his eyes and a painter paint with his ears."
gertrude stein

the mother painted this fun piece last week at asiagio's and the vino bar .

i went for dinner and drinks before the painting festivities started.
{asiagio's is a new restaurant in troy. not too shabby.}

the next "artist within" event that takes place [and agrees to shake hands with my schedule] count me in. 

 okay, one two more photographs from that night. 
because the sister is so pretty. (and she participated also) 

"A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires."
hedy lamarr


Sunday, February 27, 2011

so what  if  i am  gallivanting over these things:
- crab cakes from the red bar.
(and dancing like a gypsy on the beach waiting for our table) 
that is, if dread clampitt isn't playing. 
but if that is the case, you better believe i will make sure of finding a spot close to the tunes. (shoulder to shoulder cram jam doesn't bother me)

- brunch at salt creek.
yes, that includes a mimosa or two to go along with your eggs benedict.
and if mid morning turns into mid afternoon before you know it and you are still at salt creek, no worries, just hang out the remainder of the day and it will quickly turn to the appropriate time to find yourself upstairs having plenty of fun at Napper Tandy's.
random fact- I worked at Salt Creek and from that experience I learned this - working in a restaurant is just not something I adore. In fact, I hated it. Something about being in that kitchen freaked me out. Funny thing is, I was only a hostess so going in the kitchen (for the most part) only happened when clocking in and clocking out. But that alone was more than my anxiety could handle. So I quit.
Yea, call me a wimp. It's okay with me. From that day forward, I gave them my money (for calories) instead of them giving me money to pay rent.
READ: I did work two jobs at this point so quitting {because I am a freak and spazzed out in the kitchen} was totally okay.

-mission viejo, california.
umm, it would be safe to say that i miss everything about that place. thanks alot, mercedes benz, for making good people move away from the sunny and on to the cold. the miserable and down right freezing cold. jerks! i had rather large intentions of staying there for an extended vacation ever. forever. 

is it obvious that i need a vacation?
(and apparently a crab cake+a mimosa+california sun+music that puts off a good vibe?) 
no, not obvious at all.
welp, here's to a week full of dreams. 
because right now, that's all i can do with the above.


flirty flowers

(the flirty flowers) so you.
this may (or may not) have kept me pretty busy recently.
the sister and i have been working away on {mcm} orders. 
for that, we are thankful. :)
recently, we were given the challenge of making [tons of] flirty flowers (without the hair clips on the back) for three wooden letters that are going to hang above an unborn child that will be called Ava.
You are probably thinking, so! 
Here is the kicker.... the letters are a foot tall. (each)
And they wanted them to be completely covered in little lovelies. 
So, yea.... that is a time consuming project there. 
My initial thoughts were
But shortly into the makings I felt like a bad you know what at that job. 
And wanted to make more. So yea, I did.
If you feel summer creeping in {as i do over here} and think you would feel fancy with a flirty flower in your hair, go ahead.... check out our facebook page.

And if you see something you cant live without, don't be a chicken. Just let us know. :) 

and good junk.... if you dare.

for the next trip (send a saturday that i am free my way, pretty please) that box has total control of both of my hands. for i am digging deep in search for some fun patterns. perhaps little vintage like outfits. 

and then to work me and the sister go. 


keep all fours on the ground.


scenes from saturday.

this is a story about a darling saturday afternoon.
me+chelsea+emme set out for a little road trip. we found ourselves plundering around a flea market... sara's flea market, that is. we left with no purchases but definite intentions on coming back for several things that deserved to be called eye candy in a dusty old two story building full of trash...or treasures... which ever you prefer.  me? i say treasures. we carried on about our way and went to murphree lane. where all your worries can be set free. surrounded ourselves with the sound of wind chimes and sight of 20+ red birds. and just relaxed. took a deep breath or two and watched little emme show out. there were flowers in our hair. and love in our eyes. and after it was all said and done..... it called for a three letter word beginning in N and ending in P. 


Saturday, February 26, 2011

happy saturday.


so run, run fast.


story of the day. (the story people version)

money matters.
i think of it as an opportunity to find out how much money means to me, she said. so far, it means a lot more than i think is probably healthy.


guess what??!!
my best friend. my godsister.
she started a blog! 
she did! 
i convinced her. 
and she loves it already. (duh, i knew she would) 
just as i find it, it's therapeutic for her too. 
i am pretty excited about it.
so i thought i would share it to my followers because i assume some of you might want to follow along her writings. ramblings.
you know, the good stuff.

woo-hoo. this calls for a celebration. better yet, a picture or two.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

good morning. stand up.

"i feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. you are not alone."
kurt vonnegut


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this one's for my "homegirl", mary beth.
yes. i called her my homegirl.
and yes. i dedicated her a ying yang twins song played via youtube.
what's up?

hello dearies!
what do ya' think about seeing a picture from my yesterday?
well, regardless of your thoughts i'm here to share one.... like it or not.
i only asked for fun. and to add a few extra words to this post. that's all.

this is my god child, emme. we played dress up and in between an outfit or two we caught a few rays. yes, we live the good life. tell us something we don't know.


my wish:

to live in a world where we helped one another by nature.

annnnd..... maybe...... maybe i should add this wish to the list as well:

more confetti parties.
just because.
it is sure to make you or someone around you happy.

this would be the way ziggy is sleeping this morning.
she stole my spot (quickly) after my first minute of stirring around.
she is so not a morning person. i {sometimes} feel your pain, ziggy.

but for this morning - it is served with an early bird hello. have a good one :-)


scenes from jack's world.


good tune tuesday


Monday, February 21, 2011

because there's color in a black and white world

how you see the world says a lot about you.

good friends see the world the same way.

sometimes in observing one small gesture you can know someone completely. 

we each have our own place in the world .

strong spirits stand tall.

horizons change and so do we.
write yourself a happy ending.


my friday.

I saw Sara Evans in concert on Friday night and she was precious. I believe she thinks her booty is her best feature, though. Because she spent much of the show with it facing the crowd. As if the guys needed something else other than the fact that we were sitting right by the bar, it kept them happy I am sure. ha! There were, of course, many "roll tide" shout outs sent her way throughout the concert. (hints, because of her husband) I was caught by surprise at the amount of songs I knew seeing how I don't listen to the radio (well, rarely) and am usually listening to cd's which are mainly full of tunes that don't play on the radio at all.... At least, not on any of the boring stations Troy picks up. But I thoroughly enjoyed the night. She was cute.... and country. And I think I like country maybe just a little. Not to mention the company was a plus.

Now.....I need those vintage red cowgirl boots that I keep talking about, hello.
That's just a few little details from my Friday night, friends. How was YOUR weekend?


Sunday, February 20, 2011

something i appreciate

the sun. 
and how it is staying out a few minutes more each day.
spring really is actually going to come.
i know it. 
i will take it.


and i could not ask for more....

{these are the moments}

at least somebody was excited to have me back in alabama. she was so happy she did the whole lay on me and press all her weight down extra hard to keep me right where i am thing. and i didn't complain. because she is the most awesome thing in the whole wide world to come home to.

my lack of camera use lately has been slim. okay, it hasn't really existed. unfortunately MY camera got dropped. and broke. (sigh) at a wedding this fall. well, it was replaced with a refurbished don't ever make that stupid move camera that has never done it's job. sad i know.... because the ones who know me know how i had a mad love for my camera. still do have a mad love for my camera. just not the refurbished one. why? because the darn thing doesn't work. and never really did. therefor i don't really consider myself a camera owner right now other than my handy dandy crackberry one...which is lame. i haven't been without a camera since way back in the day. so this is a somewhat touchy subject. i tend to get a little emotional about it. point being - you will have to use your imagination as to how my weekend in biloxi went as i was without a camera.... i have many words to say but those words just won't compete with what pictures could have captured. i hope your weekend found room for fun like mine did.... and i hope your week is full of love (and prayers). i hope you are able to understand something that you thought you never would understand and find peace with something you never felt was possible.

here's to a good week, my friends!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

beautiful baby.

Baby and Mommy.

He makes my heart melt like velveeta in the mircowave.
For real... I've thought that before but my goodness.... I am in love with this precious child.


the story people

perfect match:

sometimes you just need the right accessory, she said & i said i know, sometimes it takes me an hour to pick the right head and she just ignored me.

mama said theyll be days like this

I am about to vent. Or bitch. However you prefer looking at it. I had a toothache yesterday and took an 800mg ibupro to ease the pain so I could go meet Jack. (Ps-i am in love with him. He is the most precious child) That med back from Montgomery and wa-bam with the pain again. Was up on and off through out the whole night with what felt like hard core boo-boo's in my mouth. So ouchy that I would smother my face with my pillow and scream. Toothaches are a bitch and ten times more. They are not my friend and never will be. They have only tried to hang out with me twice in my whole life that I can recall. Both times I've kicked them out (thanks to the help of my cousin who is my dentist.) So here I Andalusia for the second day in a row (definitely not what I had on my to-do list for today) I'm not happy about it. I am on an antibiotic for sinus blah blah whatever whatever (mainly to prevent me from getting all this crud everyone else is coughing out in the public. Well, I drove like my sister and/or chelsea drive (a bad ass) when normally I creep like an old lady..forgot to eat and drink with my med.. Had to jump up from dentist chair to throw up..back in here now, few shots later..I'm pain free or comfortably numb. I'm getting these pearly whites cleaned while I'm here. Duh- I just threw up. Those jokers aren't going back to Troy with me without a cleaning. Did I mention I passed two people to get here and get out of pain? I am a firm believer in not passing on a two lane. I am now playing musical chairs at the dentist. So that's all the fuss you get to hear for now. But for the record- I totally feel like nicole richie this morning because yes, I'm wearing I'm not wearing makeup and yes I ripped the tag out of a brand new shirt to come back to this town to stomp around in for a few hours. I promise to be in a much better mood as soon as I get in reba (my car) and have the music blaring, windows down and my back to covington county. I've got bizz to tend to in the hometown. I'm going to biloxi tomorrow party people. What a post. Goodbye.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

indian style

lovely day. lovely weather. 
just lovely. all together.



this is how ziggy felt about me stepping foot in andalusia (for work) this morning.
r.i.p. benjamin blue.
you were one hott little fellow.

the confetti was not in her reach so she settled for buttons. and of course, there is no such thing as a button party without ripping into a present. i have to give it to ziggy, she knows how to throw a (self pity) party. with or without guests.

oh happy hump day.

scene from my afternoon

i bet nobody knows what road this is....
it is one of my tip top favorites.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

in my own way. (i got you)


keeping up.

well prince, you should have picked khloe. 
take that as a lesson learned. 
just saying.


None-Ya, BIZ.

today was a day for....

(confession-we left the city limits for this treat)



Q. What causes one to be an (excited) night owl?
A. This little man and the anticipation that comes waiting for tomorrow afternoon when I meet him.


umm, can you say adorable!?
i love him already.
seven lb's and five ounces.... twenty point five inches long.

and healthy!
God is good.


slack attack.

I tend to think I am a pro thrifter.
no wait....
Between the sister and myself, it's true.
We are pro thrifters.  [dont let anyone ever tell you any different]
Well, we have been pretty busy with {mcm} orders the past couple weeks that we have not stepped foot in the nifty thrifty world. I believe we are overdue on that note. I have this feeling that there is this perfect floral print vintage flowy dress, an old old mail box and a pair of old red cowgirl boots all with my name on it. It's time for me to step up my game again. Ya heard?


Monday, February 14, 2011


of floral dresses and open toe shoes(!!!!)
hey springtime, come see me and hang out for a good long while. 
i love you. and trust me, my love is intense. 
it is a love that you will enjoy. 
so come, springtime, let me love you.


happy moment.

HOORAY! Kayla just texted and said her and Kyle are at the hospital. Jack decided he was ready to come into this world a few days early.
I (seriously) cant wait to meet him.
And love on him.
And hold him.
Squeeze him. And spoil him rotten.
And do it all over again.

So for now, I am wide awake praying for two of my best friends as they welcome a little blessing into this world.
And yes, I will admit.... something just told my cheeks they needed to be washed. With salty (happy) tears.

prepare yourself for lots of jack pictures and updates.


x's and oh's.

pssssst - i love my mal mag stalkers. 
i hope each of you had a valentines day filled with an abundance of l-o-v-e.

i got the book  
wherever you are my love will find you (by nancy tillman) as a valentine treat. 
just read it.{so cute}

a few things my night consisted of:

guitar love for ziggy. (it's what she wanted, and it's her birthday, duh)
a delicious salad, baked potatoe, steak and mushrooms. (a fine meal, indeed)
a stuffy nose. {yea, boo for that}
a bedtime story.
and now a bubble bath to end the fourteenth. 

oh, love sweet love.
<3 m

entertainment for the birthday girl.


sweet tooth.

this calls for a workout.