Monday, February 28, 2011

text convo.

me: okay, i will admit this....i catch myself talking about chuy running errands for me as if he really is my assistant.

he: haha chewy

me: i think i secretly (somehow) have convinced myself that he is my personal assistant. why do i pretend so much? because that's nothing less of a huge let down when he isn't there to ummm... do whatever i want, when i want. why? why do i do the things i do?

me: and it's CHUY not chewy, silly.

he: you gonna make it to wilco?

me: yes. are you going with me? i will not to embarrass you. promise.

he: promise? just as long as we don't get arrested.

he: ya, we are going.

me: oh, i can handle that. consider that wish granted. i'm confident.


p.s. is it just me or was the chuy talk avoided and replaced with wilco talk? i believe it was. it's okay. chuy will understand. and wilco is a good thing. so that text transition was alright by me.

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