Thursday, February 17, 2011

mama said theyll be days like this

I am about to vent. Or bitch. However you prefer looking at it. I had a toothache yesterday and took an 800mg ibupro to ease the pain so I could go meet Jack. (Ps-i am in love with him. He is the most precious child) That med back from Montgomery and wa-bam with the pain again. Was up on and off through out the whole night with what felt like hard core boo-boo's in my mouth. So ouchy that I would smother my face with my pillow and scream. Toothaches are a bitch and ten times more. They are not my friend and never will be. They have only tried to hang out with me twice in my whole life that I can recall. Both times I've kicked them out (thanks to the help of my cousin who is my dentist.) So here I Andalusia for the second day in a row (definitely not what I had on my to-do list for today) I'm not happy about it. I am on an antibiotic for sinus blah blah whatever whatever (mainly to prevent me from getting all this crud everyone else is coughing out in the public. Well, I drove like my sister and/or chelsea drive (a bad ass) when normally I creep like an old lady..forgot to eat and drink with my med.. Had to jump up from dentist chair to throw up..back in here now, few shots later..I'm pain free or comfortably numb. I'm getting these pearly whites cleaned while I'm here. Duh- I just threw up. Those jokers aren't going back to Troy with me without a cleaning. Did I mention I passed two people to get here and get out of pain? I am a firm believer in not passing on a two lane. I am now playing musical chairs at the dentist. So that's all the fuss you get to hear for now. But for the record- I totally feel like nicole richie this morning because yes, I'm wearing I'm not wearing makeup and yes I ripped the tag out of a brand new shirt to come back to this town to stomp around in for a few hours. I promise to be in a much better mood as soon as I get in reba (my car) and have the music blaring, windows down and my back to covington county. I've got bizz to tend to in the hometown. I'm going to biloxi tomorrow party people. What a post. Goodbye.

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