Sunday, February 27, 2011

scenes from saturday.

this is a story about a darling saturday afternoon.
me+chelsea+emme set out for a little road trip. we found ourselves plundering around a flea market... sara's flea market, that is. we left with no purchases but definite intentions on coming back for several things that deserved to be called eye candy in a dusty old two story building full of trash...or treasures... which ever you prefer.  me? i say treasures. we carried on about our way and went to murphree lane. where all your worries can be set free. surrounded ourselves with the sound of wind chimes and sight of 20+ red birds. and just relaxed. took a deep breath or two and watched little emme show out. there were flowers in our hair. and love in our eyes. and after it was all said and done..... it called for a three letter word beginning in N and ending in P. 


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