Sunday, February 27, 2011

flirty flowers

(the flirty flowers) so you.
this may (or may not) have kept me pretty busy recently.
the sister and i have been working away on {mcm} orders. 
for that, we are thankful. :)
recently, we were given the challenge of making [tons of] flirty flowers (without the hair clips on the back) for three wooden letters that are going to hang above an unborn child that will be called Ava.
You are probably thinking, so! 
Here is the kicker.... the letters are a foot tall. (each)
And they wanted them to be completely covered in little lovelies. 
So, yea.... that is a time consuming project there. 
My initial thoughts were
But shortly into the makings I felt like a bad you know what at that job. 
And wanted to make more. So yea, I did.
If you feel summer creeping in {as i do over here} and think you would feel fancy with a flirty flower in your hair, go ahead.... check out our facebook page.

And if you see something you cant live without, don't be a chicken. Just let us know. :) 

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