Sunday, February 27, 2011

so what  if  i am  gallivanting over these things:
- crab cakes from the red bar.
(and dancing like a gypsy on the beach waiting for our table) 
that is, if dread clampitt isn't playing. 
but if that is the case, you better believe i will make sure of finding a spot close to the tunes. (shoulder to shoulder cram jam doesn't bother me)

- brunch at salt creek.
yes, that includes a mimosa or two to go along with your eggs benedict.
and if mid morning turns into mid afternoon before you know it and you are still at salt creek, no worries, just hang out the remainder of the day and it will quickly turn to the appropriate time to find yourself upstairs having plenty of fun at Napper Tandy's.
random fact- I worked at Salt Creek and from that experience I learned this - working in a restaurant is just not something I adore. In fact, I hated it. Something about being in that kitchen freaked me out. Funny thing is, I was only a hostess so going in the kitchen (for the most part) only happened when clocking in and clocking out. But that alone was more than my anxiety could handle. So I quit.
Yea, call me a wimp. It's okay with me. From that day forward, I gave them my money (for calories) instead of them giving me money to pay rent.
READ: I did work two jobs at this point so quitting {because I am a freak and spazzed out in the kitchen} was totally okay.

-mission viejo, california.
umm, it would be safe to say that i miss everything about that place. thanks alot, mercedes benz, for making good people move away from the sunny and on to the cold. the miserable and down right freezing cold. jerks! i had rather large intentions of staying there for an extended vacation ever. forever. 

is it obvious that i need a vacation?
(and apparently a crab cake+a mimosa+california sun+music that puts off a good vibe?) 
no, not obvious at all.
welp, here's to a week full of dreams. 
because right now, that's all i can do with the above.


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