Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February.

this month has a holiday that is loved by some and hated by some. 
i personally like the fact that i can spread pinks and reds all over the house for a short month decor spruce up.... but the candy and chocolates i could do without. well.... i need the conversation hearts. you can keep the chocolate. i can do without the cheesy flirty shirts but really am still dreaming about the sweatshirt i blogged about a few days ago. i could do without the the dozen roses but would take your hand for a walk to pick wildflowers.... i don't mind a sappy love poem but would much rather it be in a song. 

my wish this month is to find love in each day.... the entire day. 
i will start the month off with a new book i just got as a gift that i am reading.  {and love}
choosing to see. by mary beth chapman

file under notes to self:
regardless of how someone else trys to start your day off i choose to "keep calm and carry on" and for the full day wear love, see love, do love, give love and enjoy love. 

besides.... it's my life. 
happy february, friends.


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