Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Summer breeze I'm feeling kinda fine!

Dear Wacko Weatherman,

Please don't tease me. Allow these beautiful sunny days to stick around this town. It's time for the cold to move on and pick on someone it's own size. This little bitty town is perfectly content with days like today.

"I owe my life to the people that I love"
-ani difranco

I'm going to see the lovely lady, Ani, in New Orleans May 1st. That is such an excitement overload.


David pulled up the site yesterday to see if any updates had been made such as the times that certain bands are palying...
and pa-leez check this madness out for yourself! I'm going to need a uhaul truck for my excitement to fit in...

The Experiment of Life.

In the past I always questioned myself. I've been such a curious little creature my entire life, I do believe. As a young squirt I was the one that was frequently told "that's a stupid question" because I would ask so many. Often, I found myself searching for the key ingredient to a path that pushed me in the "right direction" as to where I wanted to start my journey. Little did I know that while I was doing all the searching my journey had already started. When I was making moves (around the world, basically) I still had this "knot" in my tummy that it wasn't exactly how I wanted my "journey to begin". Instead of coming to the realization that it had already started....
I searched deeper.
I continued looking for a start.
I continued looking for a sign.
I continued looking for the right direction.
I continued with the million questions.

And FINALLY.... At the beginning of this year (gah, it's about to be April!)  I had a rather large wake-up call. The ringtone alarmed my enough to realize these things about myself:

My journey started on December 19, 1985 when I took my first breath. That very day I made my parents fall in love in a way that they had never felt. (I know so!) My Mama and Daddy proudly brought a handful (yes I'm a HANDFUL and no, I'm not talking about size) of 7lbs and 8oz. into this world to do an experiment with the crazy little thing called life. They have given me the gift of love.... and I mean love... to carry with me in my suitcase along the entire journey. Without that love I would not have made it this far. Without their support, the experiment would have gone bad. It might have even exploded in my face and I promise you, I've always been a huge risk-taker so it's highly possible that my safety goggles would not have been on. If I had to guess, my goggles would have been somewhere lost in my messy car. Looking back on the good, the bad, and the pretty darn ugly I can say with ease:
I know who I am.
I am tough as nails.
Things don't always happen as soon as you crave it but if you want something bad enough, the time will come.
I know what I want the outcome of the experiment to be. 
I will never settle until I get exactly what I want in everything I do.
Life gets better every year.
If I wake up with intentions on greeting my day with arms wide open then it's going to be beautiful.
Allow lyrics to take your soul for a ride.
Facing every day I am given as a celebration is the good life.
You've gotta' have faith.
Take wild and extreme chances, if you please.
Love unconditionally. Tomorrow is never promised. 
Never let the happy memories you have made along the way be forgotten.



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When it's a gorgeous day like today and I promised myself I'd catch up on laundry but refuse to be stuck inside.....
This is exactly what I do.....

Ahh, the smell of springitme AND clean laundry. Nice.

My Uncle Paul has a day full of appointments at M.D. Anderson in Texas today. Please say a prayer for him and Aunt Harriet! When I get an update, hopefully very good news, I'll gladly fill you in!


Follow me....

trust me.... just trust a little pooch like me with these things!

Almost there.... see that cute man? He's what I was sure you wouldn't regret following me for. Oh and the lake, of course! How could you resist?!

I even delivered him a beer for all his hard work!

Now lets get down to business.... I've done a good deed or two today.

The love birds sure aren't worried about me right now...

I'm just doing my thing... in the most spastic way possible.

See.... the adults are starting a project that has to be watched closely.... which means a pup like me can get away with anything! Woo Hoo!

I don't guess I was that bad because I got treated to an afternoon boat ride. And on top of that- they let me drive!

I got my Easter dress! Thank you Mama, for coming to shop with me! You are the best ever, hands down.

You have a heart of gold. And I love you.

( !!!!!!!!!! )

Good Morning People!
I need to be walking out the door and heading to class. Ooohhhh don't worry.... I'm going I just haven't made it to the part where I make my feet head in the direction of my car, Reba, who I then make head in the direction of the city of Opportunity. (happy happy joy joy) Daddy told me there was a bad virus going around that city and they just had the Rattlesnake Rodeo. I'm afraid some of those "country bumpkins" might have let their snakes go if they didn't win a prize because they were mad!! Is that how it works? I'm not so sure but it sounds like something that would happen in Opp. Just saying...... sounds like a good excuse to take another week, following  Spring Break, and play all day! I guess my dream last night wasn't good enough because I'm already replacing it with that thought this morning. Off to make the creepy heads full of hair (well, not full....) feel beautiful. Ha. Jokes this Tuesday morning. Have a great day. I plan on blogging this afternoon again. So, if I don't return to entertain you with something extremely random and maybe even share some pictures then be afraid. Be very afraid. I'm in Opp with a rattlesnake wrapped around my body. Hint- calling all friends- check on me.


Monday, March 29, 2010

The week-end wrapped up in a nutshell from this squirrels point of view....

Well let's see.... I suppose we should start with my
I finished the painting downstairs (finally) and got picked up around 6:30 by Jimmy, Molly, and Jennifer. Our destination was Hilltop for all you can eat Crawfish. No one ended up ordering crawfish for some reason. Maybe it was too much to deal with between the "sucking" and such? I'm not sure! It was a special treat for me, with or without the meal, because my parentals met us there. David was visiting his Grandaddy in the hospital in Montgomery and didn't make the "first supper" but made a pretty cute appearance at closing time. The Michelob Ultra (plus a few), grilled scallops, and the company made the night a fun one. David and I decided to call it an early night after getting home around 11:00 to get to WORK son on the lot. We had waterfront property on our minds.... especially my working man!

Waterfront property, check!

The bonfire following all the clearing? No check there. It was a little much on the "green" side to make it happen as planned.
That was okay with us because....
Just as the fire that was intended to be rather large and in charge wimpered out on us we got picked up by Kevin and Cindy for an afternoon boat ride. Ziggy came along, and LOVED it. She thought she was the captain. Ziggy even pitched a fit for a captain and sprite with a lime... I refused, so she settled for a moon dance instead. Gah, what am I going to do with that child? She's only one! She is not old enough (and too wild without adult bevs as it is) for her to have already started the begging in that area of her life. All in all Saturday was fun- much accomplished and ended with a relaxing afternoon on the lake. Oh and did I mention that the boyfriend has a nice little scratch on his face again? Well, for all the wondering minds- The girlfriend is not responsible and we don't have a pet cat.....remember he worked in the yard clearing limbs all day! M'kay? Thanks.   

David and I made another promise (as we were eating the oh so un- healthy all you can eat buffet at Green's BBQ) that starting Monday we will begin a serious diet. After lunch with Mr. Bob and Elizabeth we headed to Montgomery to visit his Grandad in the hospital. He seemed to be having a much better day. Continue praying, please. They hope to be able to get all the infection cleared up and come home after this weekend. We couldn't resist a quick stop in Priester's Pecans on the way home. Elizabeth talked herself out of a super cute platter but talked herself into a "comp" coffee. I thought Ziggy had to have a "Life is Good" leash for our afternoon runs that we have talked about starting the last 4 (or more) weekends. David thought so, too. And then... he noticed the $25 price tag and quickly put it back. With all of my bottom lip haning south, I questioned was Ziggy not worth that to him?! Even though I hate admitting this - David had a point. It would end up like all her collars. So our best bet, to prevent from going in debt due to our dog, was to check Wal-Mart for a less expensive one. Ziggy doesn't like getting confused with a pooch. She prefers being as human like as possible- a leash and collar being far from normal to her. She turns them into toys!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am so proud to say that I am FINALLY finished painting the downstairs den. Hoooooray! Oh and did I mention it's Friday? That is always worth a cheer. If I could bust out the old cheerleading uniforms I would. Maybe. I am feeling somewhat extreme today. Is it the paint getting to me? Nooo, it is fairly normal for me to take things to another level I think. I'm still hoping to hear back from Chuy. I have a pretty long list of things that need to be done. How about I just let Chuy wear the uniforms and I teach him a few cheers to finish the afternoon with. I think he would be much more entertaining to watch anyways. Although, I do see some humor in me attemtping to put on uniforms from highschool. Hmmmm.... Something to think laugh about! Oh joy.

David and I had sushi last night at the new place in Andalusia. Did we enjoy? Oh yesss, of course! And always do.

David ordered:
surf n turf roll  and the crunch roll

Mallory ordered:
K.C. roll

The crunch roll was wonderful. The K.C. roll was so fresh tasting. It was wrapped in cucumbers instead of rice so it wasn't near as filling as the usual for me!  I didn't like the surf n turf but it was David's favorite.

Oh how we love sushi.
 And my date was hotter than wasabi!

It's the freakin week-end baby I'm about to have me some fun!

I'm full of surprises.
I'm not jumping for joy that I go back to school next week.
I don't miss the smell of perms. And everyone knows I will terribly miss sleeping in.
I'm about to finish the painting downstiars! For sure this time!!
After I finish painting, Ziggy and I are walking/running down to the water for a play date!
David and I are driving over to the city of Opportunity tomorrow to see Billy Currington. Interesting, huh?
I am putting up a little Easter tree today.
My creativity needs to start rolling in this morning!
I'm going to cut my Memo's hair after church Sunday.
Happy Friday to you and you and you and you!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"I'm probably best at going where I've already been, she said, but I get bored with it pretty quickly."
-story people

I just can't get enough stories from the story people.
Dear Chuy,

Will you please consider quitting your current job. Chelsea Handler does not treat you as nicely as I would myself. I could definitely use you as my personal assistant. If you think it over and decide moving to Alabama might be a change you would like to make, I'll give you a signing bonus. Something you would be terribly sad if you turned down. I'm just saying.... You know my number so give me a call with a response.


Thanks, Mr. Carter!

I want to take a trip to Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

I'm listening to Tea Leaf Green - John Brown.

Ziggy just ran up to me while I was chillin' on the hammock with a squirrel in her mouth.

Pray for David's Grandad. He is in the hospital in Montgomery.

Pick some flowers today and bring them to your home to enjoy!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Please. Everyone stop what they are doing and for me- DO A HAPPY DANCE!
Ziggy got a bath today! That's the best smelling news ever! She isn't a fan of baths unless it consist of her running through a creek (super smelly creek, at that) to get to the lake. She loves the water she just prefers it to be dirty water. She even voted no on getting the brita pitcher?!! I don't always understand that girl. I treated her to a nice little nap (Ziggy not me) in the hammock! It's too high for her to get in on her own right now so she has to have adult supervision. Which is somewhat unfortunate.... mainly because I could get used to laying around in the hammock everyday and that's just not quite reality right now. It's been a beautiful day and I've been inside majority of it plastering (I think that's what I was doing anyway) the walls getting them prepped for the remainder of the paint job! I only took 2,000 breaks to walk outside and catch some peaceful beauty. I had no problem finding excuse after excuse to take another outside break. Ziggy having a bath was the big one! I'm soaking wet now by the way.... that would be becasue Ziggy pounced on me (soap and all) during the process of her getting so fresh and so clean. But now, back to work! All is well here with us today. One girl is clean and the other has officially swapped roles with the "dog".

 And Again.... more on the cuz'
(gah, he's getting quite the attention on here) =-}

I actually got to talk to Andrew last night and hear about the good, the bad and the ugly! There was mostly good though, no worries. He was using the great sense of humor that he has to joke on himself about his "old school" gear. He said people are probably thinking, "Gah, is that your Grandad's stuff?" Andrew met a man that has done the trail 9 times and got some pretty helpful advice about things from him.(I want to say his nickname was Shrek of the mountain... that's what I'm going to call him. Even though I have a feeling I'm not quite right, oh well you will know him by that from me!) Anyway, "Shrek" is carrying an extra 20lbs compared to "old school" Andrew carrying an extra 50lbs. WHAT??!! And you wonder why Andrew has already lost 20 something lbs?! Seriously, that's intense. The whole experience is intense. I think it is such an awesome intense. I asked him if  his girlfriend, Elizabeth,  was nervous hearing all the details and Andrew said she has been wonderful and has been his rock through it all. Props to Elizabeth! If I was in her shoes I would have to pray for some serious removal of my worry wort side! Another one of my 200 questions was about the gps monitor. I wasn't sure if it was required for everyone doing the trial. Andrew said "Nope, not required. I'm just special. It was a must from the Mama!" haha! Good thinking Aunt Billie.
Andrew planned on getting his morning started back at it around 9:00. Again, much luck to him and Zellie. I hope to hear more updates from him or some of the crew cheering him on with the remainder of the journey!


Monday, March 22, 2010


He has made it to Damascus, VA and plans on resting for two days at a hiker hostel.

Words from the hiker himself:
"Have met alot of interesting, colorful, and down right damn fine people here. Zellie and I will be heading up to snowy Mount Rogers tomorrow. Wish us luck"

Of course, Good Luck to you! And I can't wait to hear stories. Especially about the "down right damn fine"!

"look at mother nature on the run"


Does Ziggy not have a smile that immediately brings a smile to your face? I hope you think so!

Lookie lookie lookie here comes (no) cookie on this t.v. tray!

But my goodness even without your favorite fresh baked cookie and a tall glass of cold milk this has to be the cutest tray on your list, right? I found this one at the Christian Mission in Troy for only one dirty little dollar. And then, along came a small crush inside of me for vintage trays. Trailing behind this purchase I found several more that I had to talk myself out of due to limited cabinet space and the urge to de-clutter.

I recently got my first "story people"  print.
I'm obsessed.
Even more obsessed with a thousand more? Oh no, not me!
Have I speant over an hour (easily) on their website admiring nearly every thing I click on? No, never.

Okay. Here is just four of my four thousand favorites! I might have to pick a certain day of each week to share my favortie story people saying.

Hide and Seek:

Heading South:

Side by Side:

Leaves of Music:

I could spend all of my time and money at this one website. Please, I want only 22 of the sculptures. I would prefer an entire room decorated with them. I don't feel that is too crazy.

oh boy. i need a job to help support this addiction.

Ziggy made some changes take place in someones life!
And it's not because she can sport this pink cap that came from Detriot like it's going out of style.....

I think it's because David didn't chose her, she chose him. Isn't there something in all of us that appreciates the feeling of being needed? She somehow managed to make David, who has speant the past "twenty something" years of his life not being a dog lover. How that was possible... I haven't a clue. But with confidence I say - The precious pooch I introduced him to totally made him fall in love with her.

There is no hiding my smile when David tells me this morning that he and Ziggy are going to the "Gater Grocery" to get breakfast together. There is no hiding my smile when David insists that Ziggy goes along with he and Mel on a gun shooting adventure. There is no hiding my smile when I look over to find that Ziggy is all up in David's lap. There is no hiding my smile when David tells me a Ziggy story when I missed something adorable that she did. And there is DEFINITELY no hiding my smile when David has to run back into the house (because he forgot something) to find Ziggy walking across the kitchen counter and I ask "Well, did you get onto her?" And his response is "No, I just couldn't."

Since it is way (way) past my beddy bye time and I'm still awakey I might just do this tomorrow....

Roll out of bed when ever it is I wake up.
Throw on the first clothes I find that are bright mis-matched colors.
Put Ziggy on a funky summertime looking bandana.
Brush my teeth.
And head out to find an adventure.

My "spring break" is this week so I'm making this rule for the entire week:

That being said.... it's pretty promising that my hair will be all over my head, i will dress as if i'm color-blind, and i will not mind any of that one bit. Oh and if by chance my mascara might be smeared under my eyes remember my rule. (that means you can't judge me on any of that...)

Okay, so here is the random for the night. You know the saying "Smoke follows beauty." Well, here is my thought on that. One of two things...

1) Beautiful people are stupid and don't know to move away from the wind direction even with the huge, smelly warning sign- smoke all up in the eyes. Instead they stay at a stand still the entire time coughing, rubbing their burning eyes and usually complaining about it all.


2) Beautiful people are vain and stand in the direction of the wind to hear people say "You know they say smoke follows beauty."

A quote I fell in love with today- and the lady who would appreciate it- with me...

"...she recreated the mountains not as she had originally seen them but as she eventually chose to perceive them, not only a capacity to observe the world but a capacity to alter her observation of it---which, in the end, is the capacity... to alter the world, itself. Those people who recognise that imagination is reality's master, we call "sages," and those who act upon it, we call "artists.""- Tom Robbins
All the above was the lovely facebook post I recieved today from a best friend of mine.I thought I would share. Tiffany, you rock. Thanks for being the friend that you are.I miss you and can't wait to see your face. Much love.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

i spy....
The most comfortable looking pooch, ever.

i spy....
A favorite pair of my heels that got turned into a dog toy.

i spy....
Ziggy's first "ugly doll"!

i spy....
The boyfriend saying good-BYE to the old medicine cabinet! (yay)

i spy....
The keys that spent the night (outside) still in the door.

i spy....
Sausage Grabbies that need to be cut into little triangles!

Little Miss Emme made it home from the hospital today. I can't wait to get to Troy to visit!!

Of course, I'll soon have lots of pictures to share!


"What's a dog like me gotta do to get the other end of this hammock put up?"

David and I started our morning off with church. We then had lunch at the Country Club. The rest of our day has been pretty stinkin' productive if I do say so myself. During our second trip to Marvin's I got a shout out over the loud all-call thingy, thanks Mr. Carter. I'm so glad you chose a time to do that when I was dressed to a tee and looking my best.... not! No worries, your time will come.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


If anyone would like to track my cousin's progress on the AT, follow his gps by going to....

the password is "password"

Andrew is supposed to be back in about two months. It's just him and his dog Zellie. Ugh, how awesome? Me personally.... I'm such a scardy-cat-weeny-pants. Props to him and his adventure. I know Andrew will have many interesting memories from this. I wish him and Zellie the best of luck with the rest of the trail!!


Sunny Saturday

Today was, by far, the prettiest day all year. David, Ziggy and I were outside the entire day. In fact, we still are! The grill is going. The music is playing. There was some progress made on clearing the lot. (Thanks to the boyfriend. I don't guess I will lie and tell you I deserve credit for that particular project) I did get some things done outside around the house. I gave all of the newly planted flowers some medicine. Mrs. Molly and Mrs. JoAnn brought us some plants to fill in a couple pots and it added just the right touch. Mr. Bob also came over and is partaking in the grilling and eating. On the menu? Ribs, baked beans, asparagus, potato salad and garlic bread. Not to mention the "appetizer" of raw oysters Mr. Bob picked up from Hilltop. A meal like that will turn you into two things....
1) crazy lazy lady
2) one fat cat

I hope you had a wonderful day out in the sun like the crew here did. We are one step closer to having the lot cleared and the pier built! Which means very soon, on days like today, we will probably choose to relax on the water rather than work! :) As for Ziggy, she isn't waiting on a sole - she put on several differnt (all very intense) performances today showing just how excited she really gets when she is down playing in the lake!

I'm about to start my..........

you can stop at any point now.
keeps growing.
this might forever be saved as a draft because I can't quit adding things.



Friday, March 19, 2010


Mama and I ... oh, and of course, Ziggy, went to Montgomery today. The three amigos drove/rode to and from and did all the in between....

We met a beautiful little baby named Emme.
 Ugh, those nursery windows that kept us from holding, squeezing, baby-talking, taking clear picture-ing, and kissing the precious child...... hurry home Chelsea and Emme!!!!

I scoped out World Market.

Fitted for another bridesmaid dress? check.

Owe credit to the Mama for:
 a new pandora bead from Velvet Pumpkin....
a couple pair of new shoes.... (stay warm, weather, so i can enjoy them!)
stuffed flamingo.... not for me, it was for Zig. (and p.s. Mama, she enojyed it.... the squeaker is out so I'm afraid she's dunzo)

A couple of trims today? Indeed!!

 I'm nighty night now. Thank you and have a good night. M'kay, Cartman? Word.


Game Plan:

I'm about to departure from Gantt and head to Troy. The Mama and I are then going to Montgomery. I've got several things to try squeezing in while I am there before I head back to cut Heather and Jay-Lee's hair at 5:15. Chelsea texted me about 20 minutes ago and said she might have to have a c-section. Lift her and baby Emme up in your prayers for a safe delivery. HAPPY DANCE- It's Friday!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Power of Prayer

Pray Pray Pray
( please please please )

  • Uncle Paul and  family
  • Jim Drinkard and family
  • Quincy Carter
  • Mama, David and Mrs. Molly (they all have the crud)
  • Meme (she lost her dog, Bella, today)
  • Bop/Uncle Ed
  • Judy Morgan's family and friends
  • Memo (between losing her best friend, Judy, and dental surgery my loving grandmother has had a hard and very sad time here lately.)
  • Andrew Loflin

Keep these people in your prayers, please! God does listen.
If you have someone you would like me to Pray for please let me know because I'll gladly do so.


does this book come with a hammock?

 This book was featured on the Today show's "Ten Must-Read Books For The Spring"

and I've seen nothing but fantastic reviews....

Pssst.... Hello, Easter Bunny!
Are you listening? (i even tried to make it easier for you by giving you the link to purchase for me and any one else who asked for it... amazon, of course, has the best price for you frugal funny bunny)

my easter bunny list might get rather long if i don't watch out! i need to step up my game in being extremely good, huh? and maybe look for a bigger basket for the bunny to fill at goodwill. or the army. or the mission. (do you hear that, sister?)


There is some fortunate and some unfortunate...

the fortunate:
i met the "bottom house" neighbor this afternoon.

she likes dogs (yay, ziggy)

we apparently hit it off...she is bringing me a flag pole (i guess we need to get a flag now) and i am giving her a sago palm.

she complimented my (work in progress) flowers. so does that mean i have a slight green thumb? please allow me to fall face first in that category, im working really hard.

i think it is awesome that she just put a doorbell on her automatic gate. cool points, neighbor!

i had a (security) blanket on hand... in the unfortunate list you will see where it comes in handy...

and the unfortunate:
when i introduced myself, she said "nice to finally meet you" and left it at that. so i'm kind of like Shelli Adams - in Michigan, we know our next door neighbor is a dr., no idea what kind, and we know his last name. the end. i know this about our new neighbor- it's just a summer house for them, don't know her name but know she resides in Andalusia.

david asked if she was cool and like invited me down for a beer. the answer is no. but no worries boyfriend, i invited her to come over saturday so if she takes me up on that offer i'll let you ask her if she wants an adult bev. :)

i wasn't prepared, i'll admit - no bra. (that is why the blanket made the fortunate list... no one will ever know i was without a bra at initial meeting . yet, they might always question the purpose of my staying wrapped up in the enormous white blanket on a pretty day like today. hey, i might even have a nickname coming my way... "blanket babe" .. taking after Michael Jackson's kiddo isn't top on the top of my list, but not that bad either.

ziggy did not care for the neighbor's son. she acted like a total brat diva and barked at him the entire conversation. geez.

we have to make friends with the neighbors so playing "ring and run" at her new gate doorbell isn't a good idea.... keep the kids away!

....i do have shorts on for the concerned ones.


Baby Talk.

Not as in goo-goo-gah-gah....
more along the lines of (drumroll, please)....

CHELSEA HAISTEN GHOLSTON is going in at four o'clock this afternoon and at some point after that she will become a mommy for the first time. I talked to her about thirty minutes ago and before I got off the phone I said "Well, I guess this will be the last time I talk to you before you become a mother." She sounded calm. I even asked Chelsea if she was nervous (because in her voice I couldn't tell at all if she was) and she said "Nope!" I have faith that Chelsea will be a great mother. I can't wait to meet little Emme.

I think I might have forgotten to share pictures from Chelsea's Baby Shower a couple weeks ago. If I am wrong (and repeating) deal with it, dumplin'. It's not going to hurt you to look again.

Chelsea with some of the hostess crew!

Carolyn Gholston, Chelsea's mother-in-law and my mother pouring punch.

Standing next to the lady who gave birth to me 24 years ago. Didn't she do such a fabulous job? :)

I thought Emme got lots of very nice things!

The shower was in The First Baptist Church Parlor. 
P.S. it's gorgeous!

I will see you AND Emme tomorrow!