Thursday, March 18, 2010

There is some fortunate and some unfortunate...

the fortunate:
i met the "bottom house" neighbor this afternoon.

she likes dogs (yay, ziggy)

we apparently hit it off...she is bringing me a flag pole (i guess we need to get a flag now) and i am giving her a sago palm.

she complimented my (work in progress) flowers. so does that mean i have a slight green thumb? please allow me to fall face first in that category, im working really hard.

i think it is awesome that she just put a doorbell on her automatic gate. cool points, neighbor!

i had a (security) blanket on hand... in the unfortunate list you will see where it comes in handy...

and the unfortunate:
when i introduced myself, she said "nice to finally meet you" and left it at that. so i'm kind of like Shelli Adams - in Michigan, we know our next door neighbor is a dr., no idea what kind, and we know his last name. the end. i know this about our new neighbor- it's just a summer house for them, don't know her name but know she resides in Andalusia.

david asked if she was cool and like invited me down for a beer. the answer is no. but no worries boyfriend, i invited her to come over saturday so if she takes me up on that offer i'll let you ask her if she wants an adult bev. :)

i wasn't prepared, i'll admit - no bra. (that is why the blanket made the fortunate list... no one will ever know i was without a bra at initial meeting . yet, they might always question the purpose of my staying wrapped up in the enormous white blanket on a pretty day like today. hey, i might even have a nickname coming my way... "blanket babe" .. taking after Michael Jackson's kiddo isn't top on the top of my list, but not that bad either.

ziggy did not care for the neighbor's son. she acted like a total brat diva and barked at him the entire conversation. geez.

we have to make friends with the neighbors so playing "ring and run" at her new gate doorbell isn't a good idea.... keep the kids away!

....i do have shorts on for the concerned ones.


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