Wednesday, March 17, 2010

blowfish shoe-fetish??

Is it okay that I have these exact shoes in yellow and blue yet still want to add this color....

Look how cute they are! I'll share a nice little shot of my footies in the ones I already have so you will totally understand why I would want such a thing to happen in my life today. I might possibly even get some encouragement to order the red ones! It would be a clutch  primary color shoe selection for this summer...

Now, don't you agree the red ones are needed in my life?
I'm just saying.....

the polish on the toes...(O.P.I. Royal Rajah Ruby)
 yep, it's time for it to go! because just as i want and know, SPRING TIME is ready to do it's thing! Why Ala-Bammy weather has to be so nutso these days I'm so unsure! But this girl is not giving up on the sunny days being just around the corner and here to stay!!


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