Monday, March 29, 2010

The week-end wrapped up in a nutshell from this squirrels point of view....

Well let's see.... I suppose we should start with my
I finished the painting downstairs (finally) and got picked up around 6:30 by Jimmy, Molly, and Jennifer. Our destination was Hilltop for all you can eat Crawfish. No one ended up ordering crawfish for some reason. Maybe it was too much to deal with between the "sucking" and such? I'm not sure! It was a special treat for me, with or without the meal, because my parentals met us there. David was visiting his Grandaddy in the hospital in Montgomery and didn't make the "first supper" but made a pretty cute appearance at closing time. The Michelob Ultra (plus a few), grilled scallops, and the company made the night a fun one. David and I decided to call it an early night after getting home around 11:00 to get to WORK son on the lot. We had waterfront property on our minds.... especially my working man!

Waterfront property, check!

The bonfire following all the clearing? No check there. It was a little much on the "green" side to make it happen as planned.
That was okay with us because....
Just as the fire that was intended to be rather large and in charge wimpered out on us we got picked up by Kevin and Cindy for an afternoon boat ride. Ziggy came along, and LOVED it. She thought she was the captain. Ziggy even pitched a fit for a captain and sprite with a lime... I refused, so she settled for a moon dance instead. Gah, what am I going to do with that child? She's only one! She is not old enough (and too wild without adult bevs as it is) for her to have already started the begging in that area of her life. All in all Saturday was fun- much accomplished and ended with a relaxing afternoon on the lake. Oh and did I mention that the boyfriend has a nice little scratch on his face again? Well, for all the wondering minds- The girlfriend is not responsible and we don't have a pet cat.....remember he worked in the yard clearing limbs all day! M'kay? Thanks.   

David and I made another promise (as we were eating the oh so un- healthy all you can eat buffet at Green's BBQ) that starting Monday we will begin a serious diet. After lunch with Mr. Bob and Elizabeth we headed to Montgomery to visit his Grandad in the hospital. He seemed to be having a much better day. Continue praying, please. They hope to be able to get all the infection cleared up and come home after this weekend. We couldn't resist a quick stop in Priester's Pecans on the way home. Elizabeth talked herself out of a super cute platter but talked herself into a "comp" coffee. I thought Ziggy had to have a "Life is Good" leash for our afternoon runs that we have talked about starting the last 4 (or more) weekends. David thought so, too. And then... he noticed the $25 price tag and quickly put it back. With all of my bottom lip haning south, I questioned was Ziggy not worth that to him?! Even though I hate admitting this - David had a point. It would end up like all her collars. So our best bet, to prevent from going in debt due to our dog, was to check Wal-Mart for a less expensive one. Ziggy doesn't like getting confused with a pooch. She prefers being as human like as possible- a leash and collar being far from normal to her. She turns them into toys!

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