Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's do another one of those happy dances because....

it's FRIDAY! Yay Yay!

I just got to Troy and have a whoppin five peeps who need haircuts!

I'm actually staying in Gantt this weekend but I do have many things on the to-do list. I'm in the process of turning my thumb green. So, hopefully the weather will allow me to do the things I have planned. Wish me luck. The whole "getting your hands dirty" has never really been my thing. But you know what chicken wing, I'm giving it a shot. I will admit though, I'm going to need some of these glove thingy's....
And honestly I wouldn't knock the idea of also having a matching apron and hat. Maybe the Easter Bunny is listening..... Oh and if so, A cute watering can too, please! I'll be sure to share the stories of the good, dirty and pretty along the way as my flowers (hopefully) grow, grow, grow. After that happens I want my own garden. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed with a local farmers market in my neck of the woods. Maybe I can even have a produce stand instead of lemonade stand.... I know I know, I'm getting crazy. But "you've got your whole life to do something and that's not very long" I'd make it super duper radical.... So radical that there would not be a sole that would pass without stopping just to check it out and see what it's all about.... and more than likely leave with something... no less than a smile, anyway!

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