Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Please. Everyone stop what they are doing and for me- DO A HAPPY DANCE!
Ziggy got a bath today! That's the best smelling news ever! She isn't a fan of baths unless it consist of her running through a creek (super smelly creek, at that) to get to the lake. She loves the water she just prefers it to be dirty water. She even voted no on getting the brita pitcher?!! I don't always understand that girl. I treated her to a nice little nap (Ziggy not me) in the hammock! It's too high for her to get in on her own right now so she has to have adult supervision. Which is somewhat unfortunate.... mainly because I could get used to laying around in the hammock everyday and that's just not quite reality right now. It's been a beautiful day and I've been inside majority of it plastering (I think that's what I was doing anyway) the walls getting them prepped for the remainder of the paint job! I only took 2,000 breaks to walk outside and catch some peaceful beauty. I had no problem finding excuse after excuse to take another outside break. Ziggy having a bath was the big one! I'm soaking wet now by the way.... that would be becasue Ziggy pounced on me (soap and all) during the process of her getting so fresh and so clean. But now, back to work! All is well here with us today. One girl is clean and the other has officially swapped roles with the "dog".


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