Friday, March 19, 2010


Mama and I ... oh, and of course, Ziggy, went to Montgomery today. The three amigos drove/rode to and from and did all the in between....

We met a beautiful little baby named Emme.
 Ugh, those nursery windows that kept us from holding, squeezing, baby-talking, taking clear picture-ing, and kissing the precious child...... hurry home Chelsea and Emme!!!!

I scoped out World Market.

Fitted for another bridesmaid dress? check.

Owe credit to the Mama for:
 a new pandora bead from Velvet Pumpkin....
a couple pair of new shoes.... (stay warm, weather, so i can enjoy them!)
stuffed flamingo.... not for me, it was for Zig. (and p.s. Mama, she enojyed it.... the squeaker is out so I'm afraid she's dunzo)

A couple of trims today? Indeed!!

 I'm nighty night now. Thank you and have a good night. M'kay, Cartman? Word.


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