Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let me tell you....

Last night David and I met Krista, Ben and Kimmie at Beef O'Brady's for Happy Hour. We were all happy and very much so enjoyed ourselves. Krista is 10 weeks preggers and hasn't been feeling good so our Supper Club has been cancelled the past few weeks. It was nice to get together with them again, finally! After drinks David and I went to his Mama's house for ribs, turnips, cornbread and yes.... it was very much so yummy! Today I pulled a stunt in the yard that might have scared many individuals... especially the ones who know me. I started a FIRE in the yard! By myself! Well, with the help of Ziggy gathering limbs to burn. I was very responsible! I felt like a hard core something fierce woman in a priss pot kind of way. Oh don't worry, I have patted myself on the back several times. I got it started with a Michelob Ultra box and didn't even use lighter fluid. I thought that might be a little risky. If I do say so myself, it was an impressive little fire and I burned an entire tree! =) ALSO, I planted flowers in two hanging baskets. Let's hope these will stay alive and pretty! Now it's shower time! We are planning on grilling steaks over at Mel's. He got a Green Egg grill for Christmas and David is dying to see what it's all about.


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