Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Together lets jump back to the "Shady Oak" trip....

I failed to mention a rather large reason I wouldn' t mind going back.

It was a place that allowed you in on some serious beauty....

While we were there this sight was shared with our eyes.
I'm a heart attack waiting to happen when it comes to horse flies and mean creatures like that but even this sunset stole my attention away from the distraction they were causing.


Avery Grace will be here any minute!

My good friend and old roommate, Whitney, will be blessed with a new baby girl any minute. I know she is beyond ready and so very excited! I can't wait to meet her little one.

I am patiently awaiting another update. I talked to Whitney a couple times this morning and she said she was "READY"! As of a few minutes ago she was at 9cm so it shouldn't be long!

My first trip to "Shady Oak" hunting club.

Does this fire not look perfect for story telling?

Does this chef not look delicious? :)

Does this make me want to go back?


Monday, June 28, 2010

If you are having a cookout whistle straws are a must.
It's a promise they will be a hit!
 DO it!


oh and invite me. i'll bring the wine and confetti.

This is....

      ....a sunset from our pier in Gantt.


We enjoyed our Bama Jam trip!
It was hot tamale but we didn't let it stop us from trotting around for the good music.

My favorite? Citizen Cope!
They are amazing....

 I was very impressed with the Zack Brown Band, too. So the boyfriend and I went to Wally World and purchased their cd and I refuse to listen to any song other than "free". I think they were cd purhcase worthy after seeing them live because they were throwing in some cover songs including a greatful dead jam! I wouldn't mind seeing them live again but I just don't care about their songs about liking their chicken fried and such....

Colt ford is hilarious, on the other hand. He can talk about his chicken being fried all he wants. He is huge and isn't afraid to tell all how much he loves food and county girls. They were all awesome entertainers especially the girl playing the fiddle.

all together the weekend was fantab! a little more country than i'm used to as far as majority of the music but i had my "boots made for walking" with me so it was all a-ok!
I fell in love with a little old man hat, introduced myself to the man wearing it, and WA-BAM! Look what a sweetheart.... he even put the hat on my head for me.

Dear Mr. Curry,
I never saw you again to prove that I was true to my words but I can promise and pictures can prove -

(and to be honest have worn it a good handful of times since BamaJam)
Thank you again for being so kind to a funky monkey like me. I really do love my party hat and so does the boyfriend. There is one thing I know for sure... it makes him party harder than me!

Thank you and have a good night!

chalk talk.

Can you pretend with me that today is Father's Day again? It was only eight days ago, right?
Any who, let the pretending begin....

My Daddy = 
A man that I love and respect....
Someone who has a heart of gold..
He can out cook anyone. (promise)

A hard worker.
Always has the yard looking beautiful and the pool extremely clean.

Loves him some good music....and has the knowledge about musicians that will blow your mind. (stating the obvious- that's where I get my love for music) Oh and he likes it turned up loud.... another bonus.

This is one of the best things I have witnessed in awhile.. A Janis cd he burned sitting on the front seat of this...

Don't you know he is just the cutest thing ever riding around jamming to Janis? Well, I do.

I love my Daddy.
Happy (late) Father's Day to him.
Today I refuse to rush through my most recent happenings. As I've already griped about - computer karma for some reason. So I am very fortunate to go cray-cray with Internet access all day! I am still without a working laptop all to myself in my life right now. I rode to Troy with the engineer this morning because he has some work to do in this big city. So, I am at the parentals uploading (lots) of pictures and plan on sharing  them and the latest  gossip in my beautiful mess of a life. I'm sure of it this time! Happy Monday!


oh i will be back for bookoodles of blogging today. prepare yourself.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I just got a text from the old roomie I had in Destin, Florida.
The text was a group of questions.
"What was the golf resort you worked at when we lived at the beach?"
"What was the name of that thrift store that you always shopped at?"
"What was the name of our neighborhood?"

ummmm.....I am RARELY known as the one who remembers everything but with this group of questions I found them all more than simple to answer. I think Amy took an "erase the summer of 2008 memories" pill or something crazy.

 We only made songs up about my work.... were known when we walked in the door of the haven thrift store.... and used the Bayside neighborhood clubhouse and pool after hours (only) plenty of times.

It made me laugh to say the least thinking back on that summer. So, thanks for forgetting and depending on me to remember before I closed my eyes tonight. That was a perfect bedtime story for me.

i do not like the dentist. never really have.
but i must admit there are things higher up on the hate list of mine. many things.
i just don't love love when the time comes for the must-have dentist trips.
tomorrow is one of those times.
on the bright and sunny side the sister has a twin appointment with me.
yep, that's right. we are going together.
joined at the hip like typical girls are when time for a "potty break" comes.
so tomorrows dentist appointment isn't as dreaded as most.
because i love spending time with the sister.
dentist appointment or not.

i hope everyone enjoyed this monday!
today i'm thankful....

for the thunder and rain we got this afternoon.
for ziggy being extremely lazy with me today. (especially since my throat is absolutely killing me)
for being able to watch (and laugh like crazy) at pictures and videos from my weekend on the wii.
for clean sheets.
for eggs and tomatoes at supper time.
for over sized t-shirts.
for throat spray.
for e! and hgtv.
for my 3lb hand weights.
for the people in my life that are real.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I had a huge chunk of a southern slice of apple pie today.
Not literally. 
 I just felt the sweet little charm that makes the south something worth appreciating.
I walked in our tiny (rollie-poly size tiny) post office today and it was filled with two gentlemen. Yes, it was seriously a full house with all three of us inside.
They both shared smiles, hello's, how are you's, and have a great rest of the day within the seconds it took me to unlock my box and head out the door. This was all done in such a genuine way.
I left with a smile.
It was a much needed reminder that I do love living in the south.
There is plenty that I miss about Colorado but there is nothing quite like Alabama and the southerners that come along with living here.
The simplicity is something I have learned to love is such a chaotic way.

Call me a knucklehead if you want but I sorta-kinda miss sitting around the campfire, cuddled up, while listening to some oldies (but goodies) like we so often did during the winter months. I suppose me missing those nights (in JUNE) has a little something to do with all the annoying mosquitos (and humidity) that comes with the summertime here in LA....because that statement is not much like me, whoever that is. I am a barefoot, tank top, summer breeze (oh wait, we rarely have breezes here) frozen drinks, windows rolled down, sun kissed skin (no fake-bake for me), hammock swinging kind of girl. Hmmmm.... I'm blaming the bugs. I have way more bug bites on my legs right now than I can tolerate. It freaks me out or something.

Happy (hot) Hump Day!
I've been working in the yard this morning and still at it this afternoon.

The list of what I know is short.
In fact....
It consists of this:

The list of what I don't know is forever long, unfortunately.
If I knew I wouldn't sound ignorant I'd share a few of the things about gardening I'm unsure of.
However, I'm not sure that is possible.

Dear Confederate Jasmine in the left pot,
Please don't make me bring you back to life and strangle you. Just come back on your own so it will be a pleasant welcome back party. I'm a symmetrical person and I don't appreciate how you are so not matching the lovely confederate jasmine in the right pot. Helllllo, this is what welcomes guests. Not the flag. (because we don't have one) Not the wreath. (because I'm still brainstorming after 3 long months and trying to come up with something intense) Not the ruby red door. (because the paint hasn't been purchased yet.... coming soon though) YOU----- you ----- YOU----- confederate Jasmine on the left!!!!!!!! People turn there noses up at YOU because you are dead. Your fellow right hand man is just fine but doesn't like hanging out alive by his lonesome. So come on.... do yo thang girl! It's not that bad on this planet.
hugs and kisses,
your little green thumb wanna be owner

I'm going back outside to attempt another outside makeover. I think we need these "earrings" for the house.... 

for a teeny-weenie price of $357.91 (each) dear geezers. is that normal? or is it (like always) my taste/luck to pick out the most expensive (without knowing)!!!!!



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

guess what? i borrowed another computer! (thanks, mrs. molly)

in random order:

the boyfriend and i are going over to grill out at molly and jimmy's tonight.

and while we are there ziggy will keep the house under control.

im going to troy possibly tomorrow to paint my bedroom. goodbye whataburger orange, hello some kind of neutral.

this past sunday night david and i went over to memo and grandad's and ate dinner with them....which is always wonderful. (the food and time spent)

ziggy got $2 cash flow in the mail yesterday for treats. she was extremely excited!

we are getting closer each day to having a pier.... the walkway is done and the gazebo lacks very little.

i started a mini arm workout session last week and have stuck with it....minus the weekend.

i deserve a "prize" because i cleaned (finally) my messy car out yesterday. for real. quit laughing. i did. well, minus the vacuum part but that is next.

i am going to get ready for tonight now because i am looking similar to a train wreck. if my timing is good..... i'll deserve a pat on the back. (i can do it myself, no worries) and then maybe sit still for more than 5 minutes and share something a little more organized and in order. (ha. you do know that's almost always my style....right? ha.)


Monday, June 14, 2010

It has been one (extreme) pop-tart of a wild ride here in my world lately. Out of the two laptops one is moving in turtle speed times 4,000 and the other had a new charger ordered to replace the old broken one only to get "blown UP son" by the new cord. Needless to say I have been stealing borrowing computers from friends and such. So in case you were wondering if I had moved to Jupiter, quit blogging and/or went on a boat ride with no return you were wrong. The computer karma got me and I'm still just trying to figure out why it did so. I have never even typed on the keys too hard! Not one single time. Catching you stalkers up with my life might be somewhat hard.... I have a tendacy to forget easily. I will, hopefully soon, at least try to share some pictures from BamaJam, tell all about our new pier, gazebo and walkway to the lake, maybe a chalk talk and good tune Tuesday, and of course a Ziggy funny and some in between. So keep the little fingers (and toes if you have those kind of skills) crossed for me and my computer dilema. It is no fun without easy computer access.

HAPPY MONDAY! And I hope-wish-and-pray to be back and blogging about sweet nothings again soon!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

I've got many randoms for you:

1> Joran Van Der Sloot needs to be removed from planet earth.
2> I'm glad the sun decided to shine today.
3> Jealousy is the word that describes how I feel about my Mama being in Michigan right now.
(although.... she deserves a week "vacation" with the Adams family)
4> Ziggy got a bath today, hooray!
5> The sister leaves tomorrow for Bonaroo...again, the jealousy word.
6> I'm ready for my upcoming sewing lesson.
7> I rearranged two bedrooms today, bed and all.
8> It's about time I add another "pez" to my collection.
9> A bright yellow rug is what I need in my life next time I have plenty of extra george washingtons.
10> Citizen Cope live = spectacular


p.s. both laptops in my world have been doing their own thing this past week and none of what i wanted them to do. sooooo, that explains this post a few days off schedule of when all that was really going on.... happy happy saturday!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

good morning, party people!
i am scatter-brained to the tip-top max trying to pack for bamajam.... the difficulties of packing have nothing to do with me preparing for the "miss bamajam" contest and all to do with me being a terrible packer regardless of the destination, time frame, or weather. this i know will be nothing like wanee and that's okay. i've prepared myself in just the right way. (i hope) my shit kickers cowgirl boots are packed and ready!

by the way....
all jokes about the "miss bama jam" .... i just totally had an itch to joke this morning. i will not be entering any kind of contest....strictly letting loose and enjoying some good jams. (no offense to those who are strutting their stuff on stage for a title)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010



i am way hyper about lots this month.
first being bama jam....which, for us, the party starts thursday!

A very humongo thanks to Celeste and Chris for our great weekend passes! (free brewskys!! what,what?!) David and I are both extremely EXCITED about the upcoming shenanigans!


the sky might fall and i'm chicken little yelling

good tune tuesday!

Lori McKenna - As I Am