Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Call me a knucklehead if you want but I sorta-kinda miss sitting around the campfire, cuddled up, while listening to some oldies (but goodies) like we so often did during the winter months. I suppose me missing those nights (in JUNE) has a little something to do with all the annoying mosquitos (and humidity) that comes with the summertime here in LA....because that statement is not much like me, whoever that is. I am a barefoot, tank top, summer breeze (oh wait, we rarely have breezes here) frozen drinks, windows rolled down, sun kissed skin (no fake-bake for me), hammock swinging kind of girl. Hmmmm.... I'm blaming the bugs. I have way more bug bites on my legs right now than I can tolerate. It freaks me out or something.


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