Monday, June 28, 2010

We enjoyed our Bama Jam trip!
It was hot tamale but we didn't let it stop us from trotting around for the good music.

My favorite? Citizen Cope!
They are amazing....

 I was very impressed with the Zack Brown Band, too. So the boyfriend and I went to Wally World and purchased their cd and I refuse to listen to any song other than "free". I think they were cd purhcase worthy after seeing them live because they were throwing in some cover songs including a greatful dead jam! I wouldn't mind seeing them live again but I just don't care about their songs about liking their chicken fried and such....

Colt ford is hilarious, on the other hand. He can talk about his chicken being fried all he wants. He is huge and isn't afraid to tell all how much he loves food and county girls. They were all awesome entertainers especially the girl playing the fiddle.

all together the weekend was fantab! a little more country than i'm used to as far as majority of the music but i had my "boots made for walking" with me so it was all a-ok!

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