Saturday, June 12, 2010

I've got many randoms for you:

1> Joran Van Der Sloot needs to be removed from planet earth.
2> I'm glad the sun decided to shine today.
3> Jealousy is the word that describes how I feel about my Mama being in Michigan right now.
(although.... she deserves a week "vacation" with the Adams family)
4> Ziggy got a bath today, hooray!
5> The sister leaves tomorrow for Bonaroo...again, the jealousy word.
6> I'm ready for my upcoming sewing lesson.
7> I rearranged two bedrooms today, bed and all.
8> It's about time I add another "pez" to my collection.
9> A bright yellow rug is what I need in my life next time I have plenty of extra george washingtons.
10> Citizen Cope live = spectacular


p.s. both laptops in my world have been doing their own thing this past week and none of what i wanted them to do. sooooo, that explains this post a few days off schedule of when all that was really going on.... happy happy saturday!

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