Monday, June 14, 2010

It has been one (extreme) pop-tart of a wild ride here in my world lately. Out of the two laptops one is moving in turtle speed times 4,000 and the other had a new charger ordered to replace the old broken one only to get "blown UP son" by the new cord. Needless to say I have been stealing borrowing computers from friends and such. So in case you were wondering if I had moved to Jupiter, quit blogging and/or went on a boat ride with no return you were wrong. The computer karma got me and I'm still just trying to figure out why it did so. I have never even typed on the keys too hard! Not one single time. Catching you stalkers up with my life might be somewhat hard.... I have a tendacy to forget easily. I will, hopefully soon, at least try to share some pictures from BamaJam, tell all about our new pier, gazebo and walkway to the lake, maybe a chalk talk and good tune Tuesday, and of course a Ziggy funny and some in between. So keep the little fingers (and toes if you have those kind of skills) crossed for me and my computer dilema. It is no fun without easy computer access.

HAPPY MONDAY! And I hope-wish-and-pray to be back and blogging about sweet nothings again soon!


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