Monday, June 21, 2010

I just got a text from the old roomie I had in Destin, Florida.
The text was a group of questions.
"What was the golf resort you worked at when we lived at the beach?"
"What was the name of that thrift store that you always shopped at?"
"What was the name of our neighborhood?"

ummmm.....I am RARELY known as the one who remembers everything but with this group of questions I found them all more than simple to answer. I think Amy took an "erase the summer of 2008 memories" pill or something crazy.

 We only made songs up about my work.... were known when we walked in the door of the haven thrift store.... and used the Bayside neighborhood clubhouse and pool after hours (only) plenty of times.

It made me laugh to say the least thinking back on that summer. So, thanks for forgetting and depending on me to remember before I closed my eyes tonight. That was a perfect bedtime story for me.


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