Wednesday, April 18, 2012

bittersweet business.

Oh goodness. I was close to tears after my antique magazine rack from an old barbers shop sold this morning. And shortly after that sale I was accepting payment on another favorite.... MY favorite end table i have in the store right now.  many days i wake up wanting to be charity rose theilan where i play the you know what out of the violin in the most incredible sexy way ever. but today.... today i wish to be an indian giver and magically get those pieces back and into my own home. without a price tag and for me to enjoy. business is good and for that i am fortunate. but damn is it tough when i grow attached to my treasures. i thought tonight would be a calm wednesday. but now i am really considering a toddy in memory of those two pieces. because every toddy needs a good excuse. happy wednesday friends! 

oh. one more thing. 
the confetti crate had the ribbon cutting and grand opening yesterday. there was a wonderful turnout. and a great day, it was. thanks SO much to everyone who came by the store. 
and congrats to all of the winners of the giveaways!


good tune tuesday. (on a wednesday..bc im the boss)


Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

everything about this song. everything.

if you don't know this song by heart i kindly suggest you look into the lyrics. and click repeat. and few times. and then introduce yourself to amazing. because that is exactly what you get with
the mr.....warren haynes + 
banks of the deep-end.

now..... i am ready to go this morning. :)
what i would do without music i just don't know.
and pickles.... i really don't ever want to see either of those days.
because me lurves pickles and music.
happy thursday.
i will be at the store all day doing all sorts of fancy things. come see me!


"and all the boys wanna know her name...."


Sunday, April 1, 2012

happy april, everyone.