Monday, May 31, 2010


i miss my peter pan.
we have only been apart for a night but i'm really (reallllly) ready for him to get back.
he just crossed the alabama line. yay.
he and his father went to tennessee to catch little fishies. (and throw them back)
goo-goo-gah-gah for everyone else reading, i know.
it was just a confession i had the urge to make.



Dear Sand-Man,

Thank you so much for delivering me a pile of pretty white sand. I love how it compliments my coat hair, works well with all my outfits and feels on my body on a hot summer day. You are the best. My Mama says she is on a hunt for you because I bring lots of sand in the house with me on a daily basis. I don't do it on purpose, though. I want you to bring me more when you get a chance. Just please, do nothing less that haul a-double-s  if you see my Mommy. She is extremely mad at you and I will be very sad if she catches you and keeps you locked up with the other crazy people. Thanks again for the sand.


Rain or Shine Event.

David started the morning off  showing the pine straw covered roof a little TLC.

While Ziggy watched .... and begged to jump out the window and onto the roof to join him.

All of this was done only to welcome  a storm that brought a lot more limbs, pine straw ect....
and ...
we found ourselves without power.

(it was my sisters first visit to Gantt so her tour of the house was in the dark)
....but she didn't mind. It stopped us from nothing other than listening to music while we got ready. We waited out the rain like champs and as soon as it slacked up the boyfriend, the sister and myself were full force out on the lake! We put-putted across the water to visit some friends and celebrate the day. (and to celebrate our power being back on because it started to get a little too stuffy for me in our house)

Please know that this is after the band party and on the boat ride home.
YIKES, we had fun if you can't tell!

Of course I was prepared for the weekend....
Plenty of Party Poppers were put to use on the boat ride home!
And many of "hoody-Hoo's" and "Willy Wonkas" were shouted out loud for all to hear!

Just a few of the girls....

I even saved a party popper for the Ziggy!

She then went mia for a few minutes..
and returned in a mini skirt in hopes that she would be allowed to attend the band party.

Very, very glad the sister finally made her way to the little lake in which I reside on.
Marley and I, of course, had more than a blast together....
laughed uncontrollably when the time wasn't (even close to) appropriate....
had a dress swap (see picture above)
Had an after-party pig out! (hate it when that happens)

I hope everyone else had some sort of fun this weekend.
Because my crew sure could have shared some with you if not.



intense bowling

Friday Fun-
David's Papa came in town for the weekend and Jimmy grilled kabobs at their house which we followed up with a trip to Boland Bowling....  (and a taxi ride home from Chris and Celeste's house after was our first Andalusia taxi ride because it's a new addition to the "city" and interesting it was but appreciated we were)

I wouldn't be surprised if Elizabeth is on Ebay searching away for her own pair of bowling shoes to purchase and  pimp on a daily basis.... she has a secret obsession. Look at the way she is standing.
(still modeling)

David and his Papa enjoy the time they get to spend together.

Blonde Bowlers....

Oh send some improvement my way, please.

It must have been a shot worth cheering for!
Yay,  Molly!


Fun night.
We won a few free games.... including myself! So I get brownie points....even if it was only because a nice guy bowling next to me felt generous and gave me his token.
All in all I'd say...
It was a happy dance worthy Friday!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Hey, Memorial Day Week-End....

i'm so glad you are here!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

karma came home to the lady in red

Shake away your troubles and let your kindred soul fly high.
Your Karma they will serve.... just the way you deserve.

Me, I prefer it to slowly creep in....
yet similar somehow to a text from a long lost friend.
unexpected and simple just a sweet, sweet hello.
maybe even a visit from a state down below.
i say that's my way because i know my time will come
where bundles of good karma is finally returned.

let your kindred soul fly high without breaking down.
they'll beat you with words just dont let them knock you around.

girls are hateful without losing any sleep...
they just don't realize removing all those wrinkles aint cheap.
karma came home to the lady in red, sent a doctor to marry her kindred soul instead.
she's got the botox whenever she needs
 while the mean girls turned ugly like a garden with weeds.

steadily keep on trucking with the friendship game
who knows one day, for what you give might bring you fame

Shake away your troubles and let your kindred soul fly high.

Your Karma they will serve.... just the way you deserve.

(i am in some kind of song-writing-therapeutic-crazy pants-mood this morning.)

a feeling that's right

I moved away from the consistency of meeting all the latest trends...
stepped out into the world and found myself the better friend.

searching for that feeling that's right.
gotta have a feeling that's right.

the pushers will push until they make up your mind
but with someone other than yourself being the boss the happiness lies behind....

take time to realize and do things you love
take time to realize the one who counts is above.

standing strong like a goddess when others step in
backing down from them this time is not gonna' win..

take the advice and run.. like a pale, streaking fool
 unless you get a feeling that's right.. 
oh, you get a feeling that's right.

hang around for the stories that need to be told just remember
the sunset speaks quietly if you are welcoming others your soul

does your life make you wanna' dance all night?
if only people pleasers would do themselves some good..
make a toast for a change and get a feeling that's right...
oh, you gotta' get that feeling that's right.
and baby make it last all your life.

(i had a surprise visitor grace me with her presence late last night and we started our morning off with some quiet time to each write a song. this is what my brain came up with.... now where is our little guitar player to put it to music? we will be awaiting your arrival in the hammock... and just in case i have my harmonica....i hope you enjoy)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


our sisterly sisterhood....
our sisterly beach bummin'....

our sisterly squeeze in close up......

our sister soar....

our sister sun tan....

their sisterly twin time...


Oh REAL SIMPLE you are my favorite. 

I heart hosting parties, showers, ect.... 
Down here in Ala-Bam we are sweating away in the 90's and it's (already) h-o-t-t hott HOT. Say hello to the South.
I prefer parties outside but only when the weather will permit and allow guests to attend without it being heat-stroke season. Ugh, the humidity makes me melt. Anyway, enough about the weather... I can find other common grounds that people take less offensive to talk about but I do (this time) have somewhere I'm going with this....

It leaves only the solids.

Why have I never thought about this?
Brilliant.... yet.... "real simple"

I hope you have had a funky hump day.
As we cross through the 26th and quickly approach the month of June.... what will you do on your last few days of May twenty ten?

I've got two things for you, tater tots!
(both egg realted....just different birds)

I love the color robins egg blue. I want furniture in that exact shade.

And now for the flip flop part....

Who in the world was the first person to say -
"hey, i think i'm going to eat whatever it is inside that egg... you know, the egg that comes out of a chickens butt!"

(thanks a lot daddy and david for discussing this in front of the girl who absolutely loves eggs and nearly almost every day for breakfast cooks herself one. yes, that would be me. i'm sure you both were unaware that this morning my breakfast would be cooked, thought about, and thrown away)

Now what is a freak like me supposed to eat for breakfast when we are out of milk and/or cereal? Thanks pumpkin heads. No really, i'm mad.  

happy hump day.
do something crazy.

and start it off by wearing bright colors.
i realize that the "color" that is hott right now is grey with pastels but....
come on....
it's hump day for crying out loud. (!!!!!!!!!!)
be bold and make something funky happen in your part of the world.


Guess who turned two?

parties are so much fun....
Especially when they are for dogs!

is the result of this guest!
(But when is she not happy? When I leave her. That's the only time and it's rare that it happens)

Here.... you guys can be filled in on the festivity that took place Sunday!
(Ziggy- You've Got Mail) 
My sweet little one year old pooch got her first invite to a birthday party.... she has attended other parties (New Years, Cinco De Mayo and such) but Ziggy has never been invited to a BIRTHDAY PARTY! She got her very own personalized invitation in the mail, too. So as a mother what do I do? I make sure she has the perfect party attire. If by chance you know the birthday boy... oh the birthday boy.... the birthday boy....
Cute little nugget, Coby! He's TWO!
(that is his birthday shaved ice he's enjoying)

Just a couple of the party pooches sun bathing.
(neither of the two are crazy about getting in the pool)

I know you are ready to see some party attire.... these dogs might as well have the red carpet rolled out for them every step they take.
Meet Molly - She is wearing a Juicy Couture shirt... Go Nuts!
Her Pearls were purchased at a jewelry store on Rodeo Drive.

Hello, Ziggy Wiggy!
She is wearing a Betsey Johnson tutu.
(and stealing treats and being a total Indian giver are included with her outfit)

Party Pooches in Pink!
Heeeey, crooked teeth Ellie. Your grill is in competition with Ziggy's.

Drum roll please.........
The birthday boy in his pimp attire...........
Meet Coby- He is proudly wearing Polo Woof Lauren.
He had to get all jazzed up for the lovely lady pooches that attended his big event.... and yes, it was only ladies!

(and a personalized towel for the one and only)

Let's open gifts, already!
Sweet Ziggy is trying hard not to get too jealous.

Thanks, Memo and Grandad! You two are always so thoughtful. Ziggy wasn't finding it easy to watch Coby open up bookoodales of gifts. This treat (that was NOT made in China by the way) was a perfect thing for the crooked teeth guest. She loved it and it helped tremendously with Ziggy learning to spell her name....labeling her prizes are a must these days!

Note to all of the party pooches:
Leave this ninja alone while she is eating her bone.
Cobypalooza Management

Party Favors?
Why, of course!

Dear Coby,
Thanks so much for inviting me to your 2nd Birthday Bash!
I had so much fun. It was pawfect. I will be one happy girl when you come visit me in Gantt. So you are your parents need to make that happen.... soon! 

P.S. Would you mind bringing me some more of the peanut butter cookies and ice-cream? Thanks.

The birthday sign was intended to be used for my sister's (Coby's Mom) birthday in a garland form....that didn't get finished thanks to me. So instead I hooked a pug up with it.... Even making it puppy proof. (a.k.a. the birthday boy marking his territory)

Sunday was a Funday!



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There is something about these two that makes me melt....
like velveeta in the microwave.