Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today I will....

wash clothes.
attempt getting the thread in the right spot in my new sewing machine.
take a piece of paper with some info about myself on it somewhere.
buy my sweet pooch some food for her tum tum.
share with you a blog about the birthday party we attended this past weekend.
afternoon walk down to the water to think.
compliment a stranger.
water the plants.
decide on a front door color. (and door decor cooler than the rest.... i have previously asked for ideas people come on!!!! help a ninja out!)
do a happy dance.

And if all of the above goes smoothly....
 I'll clean out my car.    (!!!!) 
Yes, I realize it should be at the top of my list.
But please.... you must know that it is scorching-smokin-fry bacon on the cement-burning up-sweating my face off- HOTT here in Ala-Bam and cleaning out a car gets intense and it takes away the TAN which is what would get me through the heat. Okay, enough. I know I know.... I'm making up excuses and need to retire that attitude towards the project and just jump on it!  love,

P.S. If I do make it to the car cleaning part I'll treat myself to a mad mama jamma cocktail. Mmmmm..... Encouragement is needed so the adult bev thought sounds like the inspiring words to make something happen. Maybe.

P.P.S. If it doesn't happen today then I'll need to come up with something bigger and better to make it happen tomorrow.... 

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