Thursday, May 20, 2010

I left behind a piece of pretty that was only in my life for a short time..... Now the problem-
I'm going to need some kind of chic white bedding and I'm going to need help getting the image out of my head of the bedding I left behind and will never see again.... tear. sigh. and yep, another tear.

Dear Majestic in Panama City Beach,
  Please enjoy my pretty little white twin comforter. I loved it dearly and I hope you do, too.
the mallory that doesn't make a hotel stay happen without leaving something behind.

p.s. I'll sadly share some pictures from the "just white right" room. Just as things were slowly but surely coming to an end with the decor.... I abandoned one of the most important things. 

Ah. Missing that is tough stuff. Dang, Ziggy didn't even have a single spot on the thing yet..... hello brain- give me a break already and come back so I will not continue doing these type forgetful things.

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  1. Kayla or Molly....please ask Mallory why in this world would she take her guest room bedding to a conference at the beach? She will be mad at me if I ask!!! I would seriously like to know!?!?