Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guess who turned two?

parties are so much fun....
Especially when they are for dogs!

is the result of this guest!
(But when is she not happy? When I leave her. That's the only time and it's rare that it happens)

Here.... you guys can be filled in on the festivity that took place Sunday!
(Ziggy- You've Got Mail) 
My sweet little one year old pooch got her first invite to a birthday party.... she has attended other parties (New Years, Cinco De Mayo and such) but Ziggy has never been invited to a BIRTHDAY PARTY! She got her very own personalized invitation in the mail, too. So as a mother what do I do? I make sure she has the perfect party attire. If by chance you know the birthday boy... oh the birthday boy.... the birthday boy....
Cute little nugget, Coby! He's TWO!
(that is his birthday shaved ice he's enjoying)

Just a couple of the party pooches sun bathing.
(neither of the two are crazy about getting in the pool)

I know you are ready to see some party attire.... these dogs might as well have the red carpet rolled out for them every step they take.
Meet Molly - She is wearing a Juicy Couture shirt... Go Nuts!
Her Pearls were purchased at a jewelry store on Rodeo Drive.

Hello, Ziggy Wiggy!
She is wearing a Betsey Johnson tutu.
(and stealing treats and being a total Indian giver are included with her outfit)

Party Pooches in Pink!
Heeeey, crooked teeth Ellie. Your grill is in competition with Ziggy's.

Drum roll please.........
The birthday boy in his pimp attire...........
Meet Coby- He is proudly wearing Polo Woof Lauren.
He had to get all jazzed up for the lovely lady pooches that attended his big event.... and yes, it was only ladies!

(and a personalized towel for the one and only)

Let's open gifts, already!
Sweet Ziggy is trying hard not to get too jealous.

Thanks, Memo and Grandad! You two are always so thoughtful. Ziggy wasn't finding it easy to watch Coby open up bookoodales of gifts. This treat (that was NOT made in China by the way) was a perfect thing for the crooked teeth guest. She loved it and it helped tremendously with Ziggy learning to spell her name....labeling her prizes are a must these days!

Note to all of the party pooches:
Leave this ninja alone while she is eating her bone.
Cobypalooza Management

Party Favors?
Why, of course!

Dear Coby,
Thanks so much for inviting me to your 2nd Birthday Bash!
I had so much fun. It was pawfect. I will be one happy girl when you come visit me in Gantt. So you are your parents need to make that happen.... soon! 

P.S. Would you mind bringing me some more of the peanut butter cookies and ice-cream? Thanks.

The birthday sign was intended to be used for my sister's (Coby's Mom) birthday in a garland form....that didn't get finished thanks to me. So instead I hooked a pug up with it.... Even making it puppy proof. (a.k.a. the birthday boy marking his territory)

Sunday was a Funday!



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  1. Sunday was a FUNDAY! I loved having you all over! And ALL those pooches were just adorable!