Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is not a chalk talk. This is a true flippin' story.

<---- Do you see that window? Well for more than an hour I was joined with a friend staring out it swearing we would any minute see a creepy human come staggering up through the woods.

"My friends say I'm crazy and I agree...but that's okay that's the way I'd rather be"

Listen.... My sweet friend Amy came to visit me in Gantt (for the first time) and last night we heard BIG FOOT walking through the creek stream thing that runs into the lake RIGHT by our house. Old Man Pants was already asleep and left our scared butts outside to catch up on life sitting by the fire. Well, after a "Amy, SHUT UP...listen" from me and then seeing the sight of her eyes filled with fear I knew I wasn't going insane. She heard the exact same noise like someone was walking though the water with water boots on. I know, this story is like trying to convince someone you saw a UFO. It's impossible. So maybe I should quit now. We tried being brave after running in and out a million times.....  failed.

<-----  We even had this! Did it spray away our fears? Absolutely not. Oh and I even kept the hammer in my hands at all times. I realize that we have a many of jokes coming our way about last night.


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