Thursday, March 31, 2011

ctb 365

because doug's 2 salon-spa is where i take my hair to get spoiled with some kind of wonderful beautiful treatment.

Tye- you are simply the best.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i am often too hard on myself. 
that is not going to be the case today. 

instead of beating myself up i plan to make things happen that are worthy of a good self given pat on the back.
RISE and GRIND, kiddos! 

It's time to fully embrace the day

things over my way are indeed chaotic [especially lately] but with the scent of fresh laundry coverng today's outfit i feel as art will be made. 

meaningful art. 
today is a day for art.  
in all ways, art.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

reba (the runner)

here is a sad little story about my car:

her name is reba. (for the record and those of you who have never met her)

{here's ya one chance fancy don't let me down....and she doesn't}

she is at a slumber party getting a boo-boo or two fixed at pee-wee's.
and- the thought of it all breaks my heart.


ctb 365

because numerical sparklers are the bomb.beautiful



to the best friend.

a huge happy birthday.
full of bright colors.
happy dances.
nicole richie moves. (because we've got skills, bitches.)
lots of laughter.
treats from the curbside goddess.
rap tunes that always kept us krunk (when traveling from georgia to bama)
a year full of luck and love.

happy birthday, chelsea! 

It's me.... Ziggy!

i am sooooooooooooooo glad 
my mommy is homeeeeee!!!!!!

you guys have no idea!!!!
she is the ketchup to my fries. 
it's just not the same without her around.

(quick) weekend review.

i went to st. simons island over the weekend for a sweet friends wedding. it was just like the couple, full of love.
the bride was gorgeous, no surprise to me. 
and i fell in love with the location. 
we had a late breakfast here. 
and enjoyed it.
I would be lying if I said there was no dancing on tables at some point this weekend..... 
I'm just proud to say It wasn't me!! :)

oh, and the weather.... it was just perfect! 

i hope you had a groovy weekend as well!


scenes from st. simons island.


Monday, March 28, 2011

"fall apart confetti come on 
cry right on my sleeve"

"lets go and get tangled in chains of golden days"

Is this a sign?

410 Mallory is for RENT!
I couldn't help but notice my name being all over St. Simons Island.... it wasn't hard to fall in love with that quaint little place. I am seriously considering going back to do a little job shopping.


reverse, reverse.... to saturday.

capturing the beautiful. 365.
saturday. march. twenty sixth. 2011.
because where i stayed this weekend was beautiful.... and this is a scene from.....


ctb 365

this is my confession:
i have not posted a ctb 365 every single day.

but truth is- i have taken a picture for every day. 
i just find it rather hard {when moving through my days on the constant go} to find a way to get the photos on my blog. so, if someone would ever so kindly inform me on how to post a picture on my blog from my crackberry i would send a huge hug your way. it isn't every day that i have the trusty laptop in my.... lap. 
trying to catch back up (and forgive myself) is the ctb for today!
because a weird look and a big floppy hat makes everything you see look beautiful.

p.s. - really.... somebody help a sister out on how to post a picture when making a post from the ole' crackberry. we will be lovers long time. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

this girl is heading to spend the next four days visiting st. simons island. (happy dance for me if you please) so until next time, have a wonderful thursday and cheers to the upcoming weekend. fill it full of sunshine, hugs and firm handshakes if possible.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the weight of lies

"so when you run make sure you run
to something and not away from"

this is your good tune tuesday, my nuggets.


file under mallory's little-big wishes:

i would like to get paid to travel around the world and write a book (or two...maybe a few).
is this asking too much?


the brunette: "her contract is going to be alleviated!!!!"
the blonde: "wait, what does alleviated mean again?"
the brunette: "i don't know.... i think i kind of made it up. so let me just start this story over."

oh, you know.... just sharing a small portion of conversations from the life of mine.


Monday, March 21, 2011


i was told to listen to this song. 
so i did.
and now i am sharing.
with you. 
so click play, pop tarts.

i am thankful.
and lucky.
and this is something i know.
but sometimes (scary) things happen in your life that are served as a huge reminder of how truly blessed you are..... a scare that would fall under that certain category happened to me yesterday. right now i don't really feel like i could replay details by submitting them here but stressing that i am thankful and lucky felt right. so there ya have it. have a good week, blog stalkers and friends!


ctb 365

{post made on actual date edition}
blessed to have this little man in my life.
beauty is easy to capture around him.

ctb 365
{saturday march 19th edition}

happy 1st birthday to my little queen bee e! i loves you wild thing! :)

ctb 365

{ march 20th }
sunny sunday.
welcome..... to the good life!


Friday, March 18, 2011

ctb 365

because (like i have said before) mini bubbles make me happy. and modge podge can pretty much be considered at the top of my friend list, always.

oh, there is just so much beauty trapped in those little containers DYING to get out and show the world exactly what it is they've got! :)

do it!
but dont even think about these jokers ever touching what confetti does to ones soul.
nothing compares, sorry!
confetti is truly bad ass when it comes to life. yep!
but in the meantime, blow some bubbles if you dare....


a few things that make me happy:

party planning. (on top of an important one right now, oh yea!)
funky cupcake liners.
bouncing back (slowly but finally) after having six teeth removed. thats.whats.up.
bubbles. the mini size, you know?!
friday festivities planned. {poolside}
big floppy hats.  on my hard head, ya heard?

*file under:  
and it's friday, NO DUH!

happy fry-daaaaaaaauuuum it's the freakin' weekend baby i'm about to have me some fun.
how about you? i hope so. :)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

this is a green ring.

wear a green ring. (real or fake)
celebrate the day. 
drink green beer.
kiss a leprechaun. (i won't tell)
and dance on your tip toes like a silly goose.
it's a holiday people, you have an excuse.
happy st patricks day!


CTB 365

because the mess of planning a party is always beautiful, duh!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

gravity rides everything

"it all will fall, fall right into place"

Don't Be Shy - Cat Stevens

"we were born before the wind.
also younger than the sun"


guess who?

ZIGGY! oh but of course....

whew! what.a.week.
mom's been down.
not to mention she had surgery and came out looking all chubby cheeks.
she said she didn't feel sexy and i told her she was crazy... she was the cutest little pumpkin i've ever seen. (really, guys! i wasn't sucking up. i dont have any competition to play the favorites game with.... thats how you KNOW i'm being honest all the time with the mom) we have been in bed way too long. today was the first day i even caught a glimpse of the laptop. i believe it was collecting dust in the studio. so i snatched it up for a quick post to tell all hello. and remind you guys that a pooch like me needs a little lovin' every now and then. so hello, im here. looking for love.

this was the day before mom's surgery.
can you tell she was totally dreading it? 
i bet she would have had her hair fixed more than thrown in a messy pony and attire more than a wrinkled tee if she had known she would be rocking that style for the next several days....

i hope mom's better tomorrow.
she always loved celebrating st. patricks day.
it IS "required" to wear  the color of her eyes, you know. which is a big deal.

another big deal that is coming up!!!!
Emme is turning one! This Saturday she is having a party to celebrate her first birthday. She is like one of my best friends so this is, of course, another big deal to me! Hooray for birthday parties!

i hope everyone had a happy hump day.