Monday, March 28, 2011

ctb 365

this is my confession:
i have not posted a ctb 365 every single day.

but truth is- i have taken a picture for every day. 
i just find it rather hard {when moving through my days on the constant go} to find a way to get the photos on my blog. so, if someone would ever so kindly inform me on how to post a picture on my blog from my crackberry i would send a huge hug your way. it isn't every day that i have the trusty laptop in my.... lap. 
trying to catch back up (and forgive myself) is the ctb for today!
because a weird look and a big floppy hat makes everything you see look beautiful.

p.s. - really.... somebody help a sister out on how to post a picture when making a post from the ole' crackberry. we will be lovers long time. :)

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