Wednesday, March 16, 2011

guess who?

ZIGGY! oh but of course....

whew! what.a.week.
mom's been down.
not to mention she had surgery and came out looking all chubby cheeks.
she said she didn't feel sexy and i told her she was crazy... she was the cutest little pumpkin i've ever seen. (really, guys! i wasn't sucking up. i dont have any competition to play the favorites game with.... thats how you KNOW i'm being honest all the time with the mom) we have been in bed way too long. today was the first day i even caught a glimpse of the laptop. i believe it was collecting dust in the studio. so i snatched it up for a quick post to tell all hello. and remind you guys that a pooch like me needs a little lovin' every now and then. so hello, im here. looking for love.

this was the day before mom's surgery.
can you tell she was totally dreading it? 
i bet she would have had her hair fixed more than thrown in a messy pony and attire more than a wrinkled tee if she had known she would be rocking that style for the next several days....

i hope mom's better tomorrow.
she always loved celebrating st. patricks day.
it IS "required" to wear  the color of her eyes, you know. which is a big deal.

another big deal that is coming up!!!!
Emme is turning one! This Saturday she is having a party to celebrate her first birthday. She is like one of my best friends so this is, of course, another big deal to me! Hooray for birthday parties!

i hope everyone had a happy hump day.


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