Sunday, March 6, 2011

antique afternoon.

a good day is this:

stopping by to see the lovely susan jinright at her antique store just outside of my hometown

for as long as i can remember i have had a love for vintage things. despite the story she shared  today about me being a huge drama queen getting upset with her (to say the least) for making me leave the store earlier than I apparently wanted to leave, i admire her. always have. i absolutely adore the way she floats. she has a way of movement that cannot be explained using any other words than "gracefully floating". still to this day, her hair is pulled back in the same style that  it was when I was in elementary school.  her stories are never a bore. just as going to her store. each trip i fall hard in love with little vintage lovelies. 

one of my very favorite dresses i own came from her store. from the very back room.... my favorite room. the part of the store where it's understood that if i see something i want to try on i do so (quickly and without any witnesses') right there. no need for a dressing room. the particular dress that i call one of my favorites was one that was tried on, right when (and where) my green eyes met it and was not taken off to be tossed up on the counter for a total..there was no need for that because i loved the dress and the dress loved me.  it made me happy.
you guys, it made me float. 
today, i witnessed a friend doing close to the same...not quite up to par with my style of falling in love and leaving it on to exit the store but close. her brown eyes fell in love with a beauty worn by some gyspy soul (i assure you) from the 60's. she looked at me and said "where's the dressing room, i have GOT to try this on" I said, right there... right where you first loved the dress. And without a single question asked about the self made dressing room policy  (or hesitation in trying on her find) I carried on with my therapy antique shopping and shortly after see my friend twirling around in a perfect fit long dress from the back room....   

Where a dressing room is over-rated and swoon-worthy things happen.


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