Sunday, March 6, 2011

CTB 365

hello day six of capturing the beautiful 365.
it is only six days into this little project i am doing and i have to say....
i am thankful i chose to do this. i am more appreciative of each day i am given and more eager for the next day to come. something as simple as taking a quick picture to capture the beautiful (however you see beautiful) has been a daily dose of a "deep breath" for me. much needed, indeed. i have found that CTB 365 is a reminder each day that life is a beautiful thing. if you are willing to open your eyes to capture beauty, see a smile (or perhaps tears shed) through the lens of a camera and slow the movement of rushing through your day it serves a peaceful easy feeling. when prayer time comes for me at night i have an extra something to give thanks for because of the reminder i was given during my day.

day six:
i am unafraid to share the beauty in tears (what most people consider the ugly) and climb as closely to the top as i can... i push myself to the next step up as i have never been afraid of heights nor have i ever been shy to rocking the days that are a total waste of make-up... and knowing that when having one of those days it's okay to break down. it's okay to throw high heel shoes in the direction of my closet (best personal stress relief) until you forget about what got you upset.... it IS possible to paint an entire town red without a single dab of makeup on while confidently wearing salty cheeks with a charcoal tint "blush".

that is....
.... if you dig deep enough to find the beauty in it all.


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