Sunday, November 27, 2011

tomorrow is my daddy's birthday. 
and i could talk about him for.days.and.days.
instead i will keep it simple and share a few pictures. 

daddy, i hope you have a special birthday.
because you are sure special to me.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


november 17th  is national "no frown get down" day.

job well done just for waking up and making it out into the world.

free smiles and thumbs-up for everyone.

this was declared last night by tiffany and mallory. via text.
so here i am to make it official.
hello, world. celebrate this new holiday why dontcha?

m + tq
file under notes to self:

1.there will never be enough hours in the day to complete all that you wish to.  and that is okay. because making a [long] daily to-do list is therapeutic. check marks or not. so breathe. (and repeat)

2.paint your nails more often. it only makes you feel a million times better. somehow. know all those coke products you drink? well how about entering your mycokerewards and ordering some new magazines. because almost all of your mags you get now are coming to an end.

4.never say never when referring to your long drawn out search for the perfect pair of vintage red cowgirl boots.  your day is coming, girl. just hang in there.

5.organizing your brain [while in the shower] with some decor thoughts for the holidays always seems more legit.

6.write another song.

7.refurnish a piece of furniture that you love and actually keep it for yourself.

8.exercise and h2o. push yourself.

9.pray. always.

10.snap snap on starting your new years resolution list. make the length long and the statements loud.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tell the truth tuesday.

how in the world do i have five vacuum cleaners in my possession at the moment?

holy moly.
i seriously....
just realized....
that i am the owner....
of five vacuum cleaners.

i'm not going to lie.
i am extremely disturbed about this whole situation.

lets see....

vacuum number one- short fat little nugget thingy that stayed in the storage too long and rode equipped with a dead grandaddy long leg. (hello, no thanks. i will forever pass on using you again)

vacuum number two- i just have one question for you.... what ever made you smoke more than my homecoming pep-rally bonfire when all i asked of you was to gently suck up the junk hanging around mine and ziggy's feet?

vacuum number three- i have never in my life been around something as smelly as you when you run. umm, yeah.

vacuum number four- your vintage look keeps you around. and the thought of your belly popping out all full when i turn you on.... ahh! not to mention the groovy flowers that cover your bag.
vacuum number five- red. hot. mama. you sassy thing you, suck! in such a bad arse way. keep it up.

quick, i need a ninja!

here lately...
i have been [practically] begging my body to be responsible.

my ddp's have been the killer of it all.
what can i say.... i drink like a fish.

okay, fine.
i should be honest.
and not leave it with all the blame on solely diet dr peppers.

if there are any "bad guys" in my area that would like a mission....
i will gladly give them one.

destroy that damn chinaman food drive-thru that just so happens to be semi decent, yet very scary but so flippin' convenient....

some days i can't get those terrible calories out of my stomach thoughts out of my brain.

now. snap! snap!


today i am: a professional to-do list maker.

last week a lady asked the sister and i to make more of our frames with the pictures of vintage campers in them because she and a group of her camping friends would definitely buy them for their campers. 

i say..... instead....
marley and i work out a deal for them to just take us camping with them.... 
for the rest of the month. 

i highly doubt a hippie like vacation in the woods would treat us unkindly. 


tuesday night tacos.... will you please make your appearance already? 
no..... not because i am hungry.
in fact, i have zero appetite.
but because i am more than ready to shower all of  these germs off of me.

note to parents:

take care of your own sick kid or take them to the DOCTOR!

please and thank you.

we prefer sharing toys and books.
not snot and slobber.



Monday, November 14, 2011

  scenes from a  

{rather gorgeous} 


congrats morgan and rob. 
everything was just beautiful.

this weekend troy university celebrated their homecoming.
i met a group of old girlfriends friday at the half shell for lunch. 

several with kids.
one with a little nugget in her tummy.
most married.
all still pretty people.

but something tells me {deep down inside} that we still all have the same sassy attitude we had years ago.

saturday night, the sister and i ruled out the importance of behaving and found ourselves front row 
swaying the night away with the park band. 

to say the least....sunday was not the normal funday. 
it was less productive and more along the lines of torture. 
with a morning like yesterday it is safe for me to say that i felt my age. 
it may be next year before i even consider another adult beverage.

how was your weekend?
i hope it was all that you wished for.
and more.


p.s. - an alpha gam got homecoming queen. yay and congrats! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

happy. friday. nuggets.

(and happy veterans day, too)

dress bold.
celebrate hard.
drink with class.
dance with freedom.
and walk like a bad ass.

because.... its the freakin' weekend!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

guess who??
umm. duh.
it's me..

just thought i would say hello since my mommy actually sat still to glance at the computer. 
however...when she went to tinkle i snatched the computer for a quick little blog post of my very own. 
so, here ya have it.

i sure hope everyone is having a wonderful thursday.
and remember....

the sun never sets on a bad ass.


toys R fuss.

 so i took it upon myself to save the horrific sad little life of an innocent child and the appearance of their toy chest. [for where one stores their toys is a big deal, you know]

  i refused to take  a before picture. i just couldn't bring myself to snap. 
[think primary colored butterfly's and flowers on a poo-poo pink and puke purple chest.] 

i'm not hating on this chest.... it just doesn't make me blush. 
okay, i lied. i am hating. 

it was terrible. awful. it made me cringe for the child who once had to hide their toys, the things they love, behind the walls of that thing. i pushed it in front of all the other projects on my to-do list and sprinkled it with a touch of sunshine.
sorry for all the shadows. 
it just comes natural with the ole' crackberry camera.


 well, hello!

this blogger has been busy.... just not with blogging. 
unfortunately i don't know where to begin to play catch up.
so instead.... i chose to randomly throw in stories and pictures from the past several months (give or take)...

{just know,and accept,that the order is all wacked up.}

but for now- here is a picture showing via facial expressions how i feel about:

the time change.

the (extremely) pale skin i am wearing. 

the freezing cold nights before the fire gets right where it needs to be. 

having to get up and out of my warm bed so early in the mornings.

 tomorrow is friday. 
enough said.