Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tell the truth tuesday.

how in the world do i have five vacuum cleaners in my possession at the moment?

holy moly.
i seriously....
just realized....
that i am the owner....
of five vacuum cleaners.

i'm not going to lie.
i am extremely disturbed about this whole situation.

lets see....

vacuum number one- short fat little nugget thingy that stayed in the storage too long and rode equipped with a dead grandaddy long leg. (hello, no thanks. i will forever pass on using you again)

vacuum number two- i just have one question for you.... what ever made you smoke more than my homecoming pep-rally bonfire when all i asked of you was to gently suck up the junk hanging around mine and ziggy's feet?

vacuum number three- i have never in my life been around something as smelly as you when you run. umm, yeah.

vacuum number four- your vintage look keeps you around. and the thought of your belly popping out all full when i turn you on.... ahh! not to mention the groovy flowers that cover your bag.
vacuum number five- red. hot. mama. you sassy thing you, suck! in such a bad arse way. keep it up.

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