Thursday, November 17, 2011

file under notes to self:

1.there will never be enough hours in the day to complete all that you wish to.  and that is okay. because making a [long] daily to-do list is therapeutic. check marks or not. so breathe. (and repeat)

2.paint your nails more often. it only makes you feel a million times better. somehow. know all those coke products you drink? well how about entering your mycokerewards and ordering some new magazines. because almost all of your mags you get now are coming to an end.

4.never say never when referring to your long drawn out search for the perfect pair of vintage red cowgirl boots.  your day is coming, girl. just hang in there.

5.organizing your brain [while in the shower] with some decor thoughts for the holidays always seems more legit.

6.write another song.

7.refurnish a piece of furniture that you love and actually keep it for yourself.

8.exercise and h2o. push yourself.

9.pray. always.

10.snap snap on starting your new years resolution list. make the length long and the statements loud.

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