Monday, November 14, 2011

this weekend troy university celebrated their homecoming.
i met a group of old girlfriends friday at the half shell for lunch. 

several with kids.
one with a little nugget in her tummy.
most married.
all still pretty people.

but something tells me {deep down inside} that we still all have the same sassy attitude we had years ago.

saturday night, the sister and i ruled out the importance of behaving and found ourselves front row 
swaying the night away with the park band. 

to say the least....sunday was not the normal funday. 
it was less productive and more along the lines of torture. 
with a morning like yesterday it is safe for me to say that i felt my age. 
it may be next year before i even consider another adult beverage.

how was your weekend?
i hope it was all that you wished for.
and more.


p.s. - an alpha gam got homecoming queen. yay and congrats! :)

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