Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday, I love you.
Stay here forever. 

I cooked (yes you heard that correct) breakfast this morning while the boyfriend went to the store for mimosas!

We will be out on the boat shortly getting our tan on. 

Life is better by the water.... this I know is true.


Friday, July 30, 2010

pretty and pricey.
it happens.
and you better believe i would fill this pinata with CONFETTI rather than candy.

okay, time for me to throw a bomb diggity party.
that doesn't mean to start raising your hands screaming "my birthday is coming up, i'm moving into a new home, i'm getting married,ect.." just because you know I can throw a kick ass party. 


mad sibling love.
(because i said so)


I kind of wish I was wearing this right now. 


i am listening to boats pass by. which is making me want to make a move down to the water. it is just so much more fun when my sister is here visiting.... we somehow manage to make the 101 degree weather not so hot by sharing stories of our past...stories of what we think our future holds.... and stories of what exactly is going on right this very second....

the relationship i share with marley is one that no other sole will ever understand how we work.
when i am upset and crying she refuses to let me be sad alone.
when good things happen marley is the one laughing, screaming and jumping for joy right beside me.
i will always consider time with my sister "the best days of my life".

ziggy had spend the night company. 
don't judge - it was a boy.
ziggy is not even two years old.
i guess you can consider her a bad girl now.

but guys, they had SO much fun. 
ziggy and coby didn't sleep in the same room, no worries.
it was all supervised by the wonderful mom's - me and marley.

ziggy and i both are sad because they just left.
so i think we will have to schedule a HAPPY DANCE this afternoon to shake away the sadness....

it IS friday, you know!??!
oh and another good reason for a happy dance - ummm the sister and I pigged out at tabby d's so it wouldn't hurt to dance your ass off burn some calories doing a HAPPY DANCE! 

yay for friday! but i'm going to reverse to yesterday for a quick second....

me and the sister were laying out on the pier yesterday and had the treat of fabulous company. mama and the grandparents joined us for some fun sun! spending time with them is always wonderful. always. promise to share pictures from the afternoon soon.

cheers to a weekend full of smiles!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i'm feeling this.
for sure, the boyfriend needs it because he totally sings in the shower.


The sister is on her way to me!
I am so so so so so so so so so excited.
I love her dearly.
We have lots of fun in store, that is a promise.
Ziggy was so ready this morning she got a little nervous and her tum-tum is upset now awaiting Marley's arrival. That is how big of a deal it is.

It's just two nuts waiting on another nut here at this house today. I hope you can find some way to squeeze in something nutty before your day ends. 



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i wish i lived in a bike friendly and dog friendly place. 

this pooch would be my partner in crime around town.
there is no denying this - she would look way to cute for words in this bike with me... would she not?!!


and for the record.... 


my interview is not to work with any type of event planning, interior decorating, writing or anything even in that relation. but i do want you to know that i will (i repeat... i will) do what MALLORY LYNN wants to do before my life is over. and if my life is cut short, i will come back for a second life and be chelsea handler. and make mean jokes about all the people who tried so hard to make me be someone i am not.

that is a promise, tic-tacs.
to the people that are so concerned about how i spend my days:

i have a  job interview a week from today.

since you are so considerate of spending so many of your days worrying about me then please take the time to say a little prayer that all goes well with the interview.



good tune tuesday.
chalk talk.


Monday, July 26, 2010

cheers for photo therapy.
i love how i captured these things through my lens. 

this was where i lived in breckenridge.

this is me and a friend having a graffiti party.
this is my obsession. confetti.
"happy 21st to me" seems like forever ago.

 this is me and the sister stopping for a picnic (for real picnic) on our road trip to michigan.

this is the only way to cook mac-n-cheese.

i need a high-five from someone.
i got back yesterday after being away for eleven whole days.
i was so afraid my flowers were going to be dead.
well... they were so not dead. they were all alive and well.
i guess they love the way i love them. 
all the flowers/plants i am the mother to are just glad i am not putting any alcohol in the juice i daily give them to suck down because if i was they would be the town drunks. i feed them a little too much sometimes i think. 
obviously... they survived an eleven day break from juice in this heat? 
whew.... my thumb is still green.
admit that i'm good.



drinking bloody marys with the boyfriend sounded like a perfect afternoon activity.
and so it is.....


Wilkerson Wedding.

I was a bridesmaid Saturday. 
Mary Beth changed her last name. What??
And Jeff now has a wife. What, what?
It was purdy.
Very hot, but not a sole passed out.
There was lots of crazy fun that took place.
Unfortunately I couldn't talk the newlyweds into taking me along on the honeymoon to supervise relax in the sun.


Where the wedding took place.

The bride and myself.

The Handsome date of mine.

Bridesmaid and Flower Girl.

The "i am burning up" look.

I can strip down for two reasons picture.
1) my undies are monogrammed.
2) it is 101 degrees out here.


This is me with the wonderful woman who gave birth to me twenty four years ago.


Mary Beth
I love you both.

thanks for letting me share such a special day with you two.


sniff. sniff.

i surprised  peter pan with some dolce and gabbana light blue last week and he smells.....

makes my heart melt like velveeta in the microwave. sigh.


on a positive note.

the face i am making is horrible...


at least there are no wrinkles on the forehead and I am a virgin to botox. oh yeah. that is a plus. 


bell peps

Somebody stop stuff me! said the peppers.

Okay, I think I can handle that. said mallory lynn.

Now make us "h-o-t-t" and serve us on a silver platter. said the peppers.                                                                       


Hungry or not, here I come.

Grocery shopping doesn't come super easy for me.
I just got back from publix cost plus and like always, wonder what I could have done to make me feel more successful after the trip. I made a list and checked all items off and added a few yet still feel blah about what my bags held. I wish hard core there was some sort of farmers market in this area. I would attend every Saturday and most likely bring home fresh flowers for the week and some good ole' veggies of course.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

King Size Bed.

Two little pooches jumping on the bed
Thank goodness neither fell and bumped their head.
Ziggy looked at Coby with a grin and said:
"You lookin' like a fool doing that swim outta water type tread"

In case you were concerned about the decor in this bland looking room..... here's the dealio:
The sister just got a new bedroom suit and is in the process of doing big things. Leave it alone.
M'kay? Thanks. But hey- show our her pug and my pooch some l-o-v-e!
They are boyfriend and girlfriend.


Here's the Story of the Day....

It has been FOR-EV-ERRRRR since I last posted a "story of the day" from The Story People.

When I got my daily story sent via email I thought today had a pretty fitting topic.
Short and SWEET.

"willing to surrender for treats as often as necessary"

Oh how I love the stories they share.
I want their brain for a month.


last fling before bling party favors.

Hey, Cupcakes! 

I don't get a "sweet tooth" often so I thought I'd share these with you.

Do you see the flamingo straws? Well in exchange for the cupcake I'll take a fruity 

drink. And if you still want to do the one for one game I'll give you a napkin.... a straw.... 

another cupcake and so on.... until all the above is gone. When that happens we will go
from there... Take it Easy Baby, Make it Last All Night!


oh and p.s.
with that sugar high do yourself a happy dance.  

Funky Blues Shack

we all scream

Hey, Ice-Cream Man.....
Don't worry about driving your truck my way. My belly is way full. 

Thanks anyway.

"come pick me up, take me out."

Yesterday afternoon I was getting the boyfriend deo for his b.o. running errands and as I was crossing the street in the parking lot a car motioned me on across in front of her and two seconds later jumped out of the drivers seat only to screech "Malllllll" and we swapped hugs, just like that. Oh the joy of a reunion. 
BRITTNEY BELL - a beautiful girl, inside and out.
She has never fell short of bringing a big smile to my face. 

Brittney later picked David and I up at the hotel and out and about we went for a bite to eat and our very own version of "happy hours". The hours spent were indeed full of happiness. 
Today brings us bellies screaming "chinaman food, chinaman food" and I feel there is no better way to dine for lunch other than Chinaman, buffet please. Luckily the boyfriend totally agrees and oddly enough, he is already starving like marvin Mallory before eleven o'clock even approaches. SCORE! I think it would be a double wammy if when we return from stuffing face at a chinese buffet an ice-cream man would sound off in the hotel parking lot and have two flinstones push-ups with our names on it. Okay, maybe personalized push-ups are asking a little much..... But man, if that happened (hey, there is nothing wrong with dreaming) I would seriously look around to see if I was being punked. 


Piccolo Pics.

A toast to a happy night, happy couple.

The Restaurant/Bar in our hotel.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Take a seat. We did.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today I am thankful for....

- an email I received  with these kind words:

"You two should be on the cover of Peoples Magazine as the most beautiful couple of the year."

I nearly swooned.



It is a million and two degrees outside. I realize my trip down to the extra hot bath pool was a very quick one but dog-gone... It's torture times ten in this heat. The pool was warmer than my bubble baths. Sweat attack? To say the least, YEP! So now I am back to the room straightening up our mess and listening to Ani Difranco radio on Pandora. (in the air condition... anything is possible fun) I did get a teeny tiny amount of sun on my face though, I believe. Or maybe I'm just a little pink looking because I almost had a heat stroke? Who knows. 



Ah-ha! No I didn't travel far, far away to get to "the real" Amsterdam. (unfortunately) I just bee-bopped a few miles from The Hotel at Auburn University and stopped at this cute little cafe.

The boyfriend and I enjoyed yet another "fill my belly" date in Auburn. David had tuna and I had a crab cake sandwich. Mine was voted top 100 crab cakes in Alabama. It was pretty darn good.The wait to be seated almost scooted us to another place. I'm glad we stuck it out because I can at least get someones attention today (maybe) by saying I went to Amsterdam on this bloggy title. Hope you all are having a......

happy hump day!

I'm heading down to the pool for some much needed sun. Holy Moly, I am in a wedding in a few days. I should have been skipping all these meals AND living by the pool. 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ANOTHER - good tune tuesday

good tune tuesday.


double L

I am very thankful that I am not wearing Lindsay Lohan's shoes right now.(whatever the designer) BUT if I was I would have found some sort of glamor about turning myself in and prepping for jail....


Seriously.... someone threw a handful of gold confetti on her as she walked into the court house.

Talk about some "breaking news" ..... discuss the beauty of it.
okay on a serious note i do hope she gets her life back on track.

this is ziggys way of saying she misses me. 
she throws major fits when separated from her (sweet) parents.

oh yea, that leaves a fun mess to clean.
joy to the world that pillow is dead. and in a million pieces.

where we chose to piggy out for lunch today in auburn.

it wasn't the best bbq.
but i sure did enjoy my date. (he was super cute)

I'm ready....


Afternoon walk around AU campus.
Heart to Heart conversations.
Smile sharing.
Linen Pants hunt for David.
And maybe a glass of sangria. 
Oh and maybe..... we will see a shooting star.


Monday, July 19, 2010

thank you, boyfriend.
you are the best.
this is our saturday.
after - golf tournament. 
before - party at the club.


Do you want to see a precious little girl?

YES! YES! YES! I know you peeps do....

meet avery grace.
loving her was very easy to do.  

Is she not ahhhh-dorable?!